The one Mom warned me about

The one Mom warned me about

It seems I found the woman

The one I was warned about

One who could rock my world!

While making me, moan and shout.

With lips that are made for kissing

And her body, it was made for sin

A smile so warm and inviting

Men beg to be taken within.

Her arms, they wrap around you

As her hand moves to your ass

Both shocked and encouraged

She is one sexy; hot lass!

Eyes so hypnotic,

You yield to her will

Heaven here on earth,

That’s just how she feels.

Mother warned me about her

She said; beware my foolish Son

But I can’t help but imagine

This woman would be, oh; so much fun.

Mom said they were trouble

Women of her kind

So soon as I was able

I set out blindly; to find mine.

I long to be with her

Bad as she may be

Because I know in my heart

She’s the only one made for me.

©2005 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney  

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