The sky looks like tired camel,calling american

"oh!oh!come",sounding like hammer beating gong

"oh!oh! come", clanging on the head of afican

memory,of what are we the world?ausralian

where are you,looking free rascal rascism

figting watching insde lies,no credible fascism

timp toil tread trod,where are you european?

lies in the heart of englishbed beside asian

sense is sandy on frontline,what evil trbalism

had brought to nudity of palapha modernism

no left man all had swallowed by  radicalism

none should suggest or dine with darky optimism

except,excerpt the skillful carriage of courage republican

no shield new product shows malicy paliamentarian

down to faceless,readiness sterny constitutionalism

wild wave jumps up and move towards sea

coming on the other side of night lea

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kiwi's picture

The poor old Earth is screaming for help and not getting it. Your poem says it all. Sad that humans are so divided and cannot work together for the good of all.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.