So far so good!

So far so good!

Well it’s been 4 days

Still no seizure

Part of me wants

To celebrate

The other part

Of me doesn’t

Want to say


I’ve been through

This before many

Times so happy

I haven’t had a seizure

In awhile and

Me telling everybody

That I think the

Seizures are forever

Gone. Then it’s seems

Like the seizures can hear

Me and they don’t like

Me saying those things

So they come back with

Vengeances  harder then

Ever but I know in my heart

If anybody is able to

Defeat these seizures

It’ll be me because I

Don’t give up I fight

With everything I’ve got

I always say go hard or go


Oct 9th 2008

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Reese Renee's picture

I had these when I was an infant. I will be praying for you, to where you have no more seizure's.