Triumph Over Man

God's Sovereignty

It will be God’s purpose and plan, which will triumph over fallen man,

For it’s God who has the final say, even using defeat along the way.

Allowing what may seem not right, to focus all men on Eternal Light,

As the darkness seems to grow, it’s Jesus Christ men need to know.

Changes are made on each side, as God’s Eternal Truths are denied,

The eternal issues for every land, those which all need to understand.

Finger pointing, back and forth, with more lies with each news report,

Mudding the waters, for all who hear; filling their heart with undo fear.

They want all men to believe, the mindless polices that they conceive,

Which, come off as a big joke, in the light of lies and political smoke.

Their motives seem sure and fine, as they speak about their party line,

As they play on hopes and dreams, to fuel their own political schemes.

Unbelieving men they lead astray, unaware of what the Word may say,

But what is disheartening my friend, is when believer’s ears they bend,

As believers stray from God’s Word, swayed by what they have heard,

Dismissing Eternal Truths they read, seduced by mere people instead.

All, only men and nothing more, with flawed policies that won’t endure,

And any authority, over anything, has been given to them by The King,

Christ, Author of Hope, not dreams, who shall raze all earthly schemes,

When to earth, again He shall come, and reign over all from Jerusalem.

(Copyright ©10/2008)

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