echoes beyond time

Hyacinth garden

open window where the wind blows through

with a cold that cuts to the bone

with no love received, the heart cannot renew

without a silver path from the moon, a man must sail alone

legacy of dust like significance never told

he just grows old

and the rift remains

he must let go

memory restrains

the next thing you know

you hear echoes beyond time

there is nothing left to show

you struggle to balance the rhyme

I looked across the bay

where spirit mist hangs in trees

wishing I could ask them to let me stay

would they listen to my pleas

in a whisper of reprise

hard against my restless heart

I am but a minor part

the clouds roll harshly by

not a single tear I cry

celtic harps flowing in the air

helps a little with needed repair

so too I have no control

to cleanse this weary soul

I live as I seem

I live without a dream

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