Dear Dad

Dear Dad…

You were my Idol and Hero, when I was a boy

Our time spent together…are, memories of joy.

You provided me with more…then food, shelter and love

You gave me also…morals, to be, proud of!

Without my knowing…you taught the lessons of life

You showed by example, how a man loves his wife.

Discipline was strict, but, you were never unfair

Not once can I remember thinking, that, you didn’t care.

Like the Giant, to Jack, you towered over me

But, wrapped in your arms, was the safest place to be!

You taught me, “A mans, only as good as his word!”

Because of things you once said, I try living, what I heard.

“Always, treat a woman like a lady, even when she’s not…”

Advise, like this, I’ve passed along, to the son, that I’ve got!

I’m sure that you’d be proud, of the person I’ve become

Because… through a Dads eyes, I see…

The Man…as I proudly, look to my own Son.

To: all “Dads”, in Memory of mine.

“Charles Robert (Bob) Posney”

©2002 Paul (ChryWizard Posney

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