The people i thought I knew

The people I once knew

My cousin’s son

Son brain announced

His calling to preach a

Few weeks back which I

Think is great if he

Feels it in his heart

That that’s what

God meant for him

To do! My uncle red

Did a very sweet and

Touching thing before

Brian got up to preach

He said this was your mawmaw’s

Bible and I feel she would want

You to have it.  And all of my nanny’s

Girls got upset but Brian’s mom

Because he gave Brian my nanny’s

Bible witch I think is so crazy

And immature of them

They are grown women

They need to act like it.

I never would’ve thought

They would act this way

After  nanny passed away

They weren’t raised this

Way. I thought at least

One of them would

Take turns about

Going to check on

Their daddy everyday

After work. To make

Sure he had food and

All the things he needs

But no they don’t

Seem to care if he lives

Or dies or eats or staves

The cancer is really

Getting to him

He stumbles

Sometimes when he’s

Walking but they’re

Like it’s no big deal if he

Were to fall  I don’t

Know who people have

Become but they’re not

The people I once knew

Or thought I knew that’s

For sure

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