nobody would trade

nobody would trade

For reason some

Of  my family

Act like I like being

In this wheelchair

All the time.

When the reality

Is that is nowhere

Near true. I

Know god made

Us all special for a

Reason even

Though we don’t

Yet know what

Those reasons

Are I know in my

Heart we’ll understand why

I’m this way.  I wish that

I would wake up tomorrow

And not be in this chair

Have a good job and not have

To depend on others to help with

The small things everyday

And take care of my mom

And dad like they always have

And do everyday!

I wish for all these

People who

Think life is easy

For others like me

That they could

Trade places with

Somebody like me for

A week and see how

Easy they feel it is then

I bet they wouldn’t last

A day if they were able

To trade places with me.

Oct 7th 2008

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