Trying to thinking it as always!

Trying to thinking it as always!

It makes me so mad when

My seizures or the

Idea that one might

Be coming takes

Away from me enjoying

My day. And the fact that

The thought of one coming

Takes away from me

Going to hang out with my

Friends and such.

Of course I know

They understood

But seizures can be very

Scary to those who

Haven’t been around

Them or seen  them before.

When somebody has a

Seizures it feels like

We’re dying we’re just

Barely breathing

Like this is the last breath  

I’ll ever take. Some

Are short some long

Regardless  I

Always ask god to lay

His hands on me and

For he and angels to watch

Over me! When I feel the

Slightest chance one might

Come Id rather stay home in my

Room along

Away from everybody

And try to stay busy and  try

Not think it

Oct 5th 2008

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