What True Love Is!

Have you ever asked yourself what true love is?

I think true love is different for everyone.

But for me true love is?

Honesty, Trust, and respect.

It is an overwhelming sense of being incomplete without that special someone.

It is the yearning to give ones self completely with out expecting anything in return.

It is the wanting to please another, for their smile makes you feel alive.

It is the sense of another’s feelings without words.

True love has no barrier of time nor space.

It is the surrendering of ones inhibitions to another.

It is looking in someone else’s eyes and seeing your own reflection.

It is the sense of finding yourself in another.

It is electrifying, and heart warming.

True love is everlasting, far deeper then anything you have ever experienced before or will again.

True love is unexpected,

It is like a power drawing you to someone else, no matter how hard you try to deny it.

True love feels so right, even if the situation is so wrong.

True love has no shame, no embarrassment.

True love comes only once in a life time, and when it happens it changes your life forever.

You may love again, but you will never love this deeply again.

It is a connection of not only the heart but also the soul.

When you find this person, you will never want to let go.

Because to let go would be loosing who you are.

It is intoxicating.

And leaves a scare on your soul that can't be healed with time nor space.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have experienced this in my life time. And it is unlike anything else you will ever experience.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful piece and I completely agree with you.