My Eulogy of Death

My Eulogy of Death

(The Epitaph of Paul)

My Death is not a time to mourn

By those in my life who will miss me.

It’s not a day that tears should fall

By those of the heart who love me.

Don’t bury my body deep in the ground

For I feel it’s a waste of space.

Rejoice for my life and the good that I’ve done

Fore, my spirit goes; to a better place!

My faith in Christ has cleansed my soul

So in death; I go; to join him.

The death of my body is not the end

In spirit, it’s when life begins.

Don’t place cut flowers upon a grave

because I want my body cremated.

Don’t cry for me; except with tears of joy

In joining my savior; I am elated.

So upon my death, don’t pray for me

Pray for your soul instead.

Ask your God; to save your soul

Through him; the spirit is fed.

©2006 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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