Butterfly Shadows

Butterfly Shadows

Butterfly Shadows dance in front of me

Delicate and precious for all to see.

The motion of movement; gentle with grace

Fluid and steady, not done in haste.

Butterfly Shadows sounds like a Pixies name

With an impish attitude, who loves to play game’s.

Sensually seductive, with a voice like summer rain

To win her heart, would be something to attain.

Butterfly Shadows seen with my eyes

I’m trapped in a spell, not caring why.

Hypnotically beautiful, I long to join in

But disturbing the dance would be a true sin.

Butterfly Shadows may I capture you?

To keep you forever while loving you too.

You’ve stirred up emotions I tried hard to hide.

By burying them deep way down inside.

Butterfly Shadows, Quietly stands

Gently in hers, she takes both of my hands

Holding to her breast, I can feel her heart beat

We look at each other as our eyes meet.

Butterfly Shadows my heart starts to weep

Tho Love you I do, you’re not meant to keep.

If you truly love something it must be set free

If you love me too? Then return to me.

©2006 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I really like this piece because is shows an innocent, true and powerful emotion that is not controlling of another yet exists in waiting a response..