Knights and Hero's

Knights & Hero’s

With a book in his hand; he reads of noble deeds done,

Of slaying foul beast and great battles that’s won.

The rescue of maidens they’re virtues intact,

This world of fantasy isn't based on real fact.

That isn’t the point to the youngster, who reads,

In his heart and his mind; it’s planting the seeds.

With the technical age, the books are set aside,

Its TV and movies, that; inspire our young minds.

What is this inspiration of young boys and girls?

It’s the image of a hero in their make-believe world.

From the Knight in shining armor and his white stallion horse,

To Erroll Fylnn as Robin of Loxley, living in Sherwood Forest!

Or; Roy Rogers and trigger, and the late great John Wayne,

Hero’s one and all, is their; great claim to fame.

We learn from them morals and what’s wrong and right,

As we live their adventures, in our dreams late at night.

Then we grow up and sadly; our hero’s die out,

I look at my own kids; and ask what their hero’s are about.

From turtles that are Ninjas, and Rangers; with powers from space,

The hero’s of our children don’t have a human face.

They’re colorful cartoons that spring from a ball,

That cost a small fortune, as our kids try collecting them all.

No longer are they icons that inspire honor and truth,

They’re commercial enterprises directed at our youth.

If our children had hero's like those from our past,

There might be less violence and no shootings in class.

So let’s bring back some hero’s; that don’t cost a dime,

One’s; that teaches trust and respect; as their main story line.

                          ©1996 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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