A God I can't see

A God I can’t see

Each and everyday….

To the son, my savior, I pray.

Asking him to please

Remove my sins with ease.

And when he’s fulfilled my request

I try living my life the best.

While walking in his love

Knowing he’s watching me from up above.

Sometimes I stumble and fail

Though he won’t turn his back and bail.

He reaches out his hand

He helps my spirit to stand.

In the center of his light

Against the evils of Satan we fight.

I know one day we’ll win

Then the glory of Heaven will begin.

One day my body will die

My soul will be free to fly.

Up to the pearly gates

Where Saint Peter won’t make me wait.

He’ll open the gates real wide

And there; standing just inside.

Are those I have loved that have passed.

I’ll join them again at last.

Knowing I’ll never be alone

In death I’ve finely come home.

This is why on bended knee

I pray to a God I can’t see.

My faith in him so strong

I know it can’t be wrong.

To the father through the son

My salvation has begun.

©2005 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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