Gift of Life



Smoothing caresses of the night air embrace our tender -Cures-,
With -Cares- of a thought forthwith to relieve our minds with -Ease-,
Simply not to -Tease- the sense with unpleasant -Lies-,
Falling back on an acquiesce of mitigated -Ties-,
As does moonlight soar gently atop a raging water -Fall-,
After -All-,


Thusly committing to undisturbed seductions amidst abiding -Memories-,
Ensures a bond most faithfully held between two -Treasuries-,
A pleasing promise to an individual’s mirror of the -Mind-,
To cometh along ones truly acquainted -Bind-,
Presenting light to a world most devoid of -Unity-,
Is an result of soul and mind in a body encompassing -Purity-,
Of one’s own flesh and -Bone-,
Man brings to being a gift only he may -Own-,


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The Invisible Stranger

The Invisible Stranger

A stranger has been sharing my bed
A stranger whose face I can’t see, nor can he see me
He hears me. I speak to him. But I hesitate
She moves/he moves, not to copy, but out of necessity
She says: sing to the stranger, which is odd (most ladies wouldn’t welcome a stranger in their bed) Yet I sing. But I hesitate.
…this stranger will soon be very familiar.
Familial familiarity.
And suddenly…
…I don’t hesitate. I can’t wait to welcome the stranger. Excited that soon, 9 months after appearing invisible in my bed, there will be nothing strange about him.

In Calmer Waters

We are stormy, yes,
It is true –
But the life we created
Is sheltered,
Loved and blooming
Within you.
No, you are not mistaken,
That is awe and wonder you see
In my eyes.

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For Petula

The Father, The Daughter

Love is Pain

It was with righteous indignation and resent that you mother refused to give us consent to build the type of father/daughter relationship we deserve
Even though the very curves of your eyebrows mimic my own and during times of introspection we both zone off into the stratosphere
A tear comes to my eye when I think of why she denies us absolution...

Her heart knows no forgiveness and there is no resolution, no end to the punishment, no solution that seems to satiate her resent.
I did her no harm during the short moments we spent together and I even attempted to tether an umbrella of consideration over her head to weather the spiritual storm. So while compassion is the norm for me it seemed your mother associated her lack of spiritual understanding with anxiety and connected me with impropriety. Her memory of me without piety and nothing more than secular in intent.

Despite the time I've had to be your father she still thinks you better off without me even though looking at you is to see my face daily her decree is to nail me to the cross of absenteeism making my love for you unfit for your heart to consume despite the fact that I groom your sister and brother from other mothers to be model leaders in society...

Therefore I denounce her decree of impropriety and pnder methods and ways to expose her religious dogma to society. I want to free you from spiritual oppression but it would require you to learn the hard lessons of life that you may all at once reject thinking the world of cultist activity that she has created around you protection...

She has poisoned your mind so much to the point that your decision-making abilities are subject to what faculties she allows you to access. Nonetheless, I would not be a FATHER to allow this to continue or succeed as you are blood of my blood, spawn of my loins, my seed, a portion of my soul and you must be freed to see and be the beautiful child you were meant to be.

My love, my heart bleeds when I think of how long I have allowed you to be subjected to this tyranny. For this reason I need you near to me, for this I beg forgiveness...

Lyrics to "Sara Smile" by Hall and Oates

"If you feel like leaving, you know you can go... but why don't you stay until tomorrow? If you want to be free, you know; all you've got to do is say it's so....."

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For my daughter for whom I will fight to free her mind

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