A new love, a new start

A new dream, with new hearts.

New words, new emotions

New fears, ever growing.

A new life, with new obsessions

New rules, and new catches. 

New loss, new devotion

With no pretenses, no commotion.

A new calm, before the storming

He is the llight, before the mourning. 

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Light and Dark

I don’t wake till the sun goes down

And the dance floor lights

Beat in my chest at 150 bpm

My heart to match

Eyes glow in the dark

As the dark crawls in

We all dance

Like people possessed

But it’s an energy that doesn’t stop

Heat and bodies melt into haze

Flashing lights display the world in slow motion

Or are just speeding us up

Thousands of nights at warp speed


Transcend time

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Some say your eyes are like the sea-

I say the sea is like your eyes.

There's no more need for brooding

men to gaze upon the sky.

For when you chance to

glance their way all idle

thoughts will


For even when you're far and gone-

Nothing's ever what it was.

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To be dead is not to be gone,

But is death really that long?

To be missed is not to be missing,

How long must one be missed to be gone?

For are we there, in the chest,

Of one missing us for being so long gone?

For the one gone, missing, and missed,

How long has he been dead?

To him is it long,

Before he is no longer missed, missing or gone?

But death, is perminent.

So forever, he is missing, missed, gone.



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Underwater Trying Not To Drown

Sorrow filling my lungs

Choking on the tears

Crushing my heart

But I’ve never felt so alive

Underwater Trying Not To Drown

Cinders to ash, ash to smoke

My soul caught on the breeze

And left this empty corpse behind

Far behind and not looking back


Why can’t we go back to who we once were?


Please just don’t leave me alone

In the dark, with my dreams

Alone, forgotten, lost

Dying with a broken smile on the mask

That covers my face

With a lying mirror

Showing a picture that isn’t me

That isn’t how I feel

Laugh to yourself

All the while thinking that I’m fine


While I die inside

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There Stands A Girl


There stands a girl,

All by herself.

Tears smearing her,

Once beautiful face.


She looks behind her,

At what used to be.

Longing for the memory,

And getting only pain.


If I could just be happy,

Everything would be ok.

If I could just let go,

Things would go my way.


Her life bleeds from her,

Becoming just a shell.

She doesn’t know,

Who she is anymore.


Laughing and smiling,

It’s like watching someone else.

The face in the mirror,

Is hers no more.


If I could be happy,

Everything would be ok.

If I could just let go,

Things would go my way.


It’s time to change,

And be born again.

It’s time to start,

All over again.


She searches inside,

To find herself.

To know herself,

And love who she is.


If I could be happy,

Everything would be ok.

If I could just let go,

It’s time to start today.

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Forever is to long



             You've seen fire and you've seen rain. You've seen sunny days you swore would never end.


              Just like James sang. You had that sparkle that inner shine. Laced with love and wishing


              you could turn back time. The season has died and been born again. It whispers the tune


              of your last breath. Where do you or I go after here? Do we simply fly away and disappear?


              Can we grieve until the day we die? Do I spend my life asking why? Let us just remember


               all of it. The good the bad the things we miss. We're born into pain, into light and love.


              You can't stop this lonesome dove. She is intertwined with dancing free. She resides in a


              sad and broken part of me.     (In memory of  mom 1964-2012)





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a quick poem. Not perfected

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Drifting Apart

Desert Fox

Ghostly may eyes
we two 
a colossal mess
night winds sine wave
impossible nest

Follow her face
in time in case
hologram in fire
on sound, in chase

forever alone
forever encased
forever a mime
foreshadowing climb

we two ran the race
heart attack ensued
shelves took flight
records broke in spite
said the things
that kept us right

drifting hearts
your desert stares
beauty belle
platonic wears
just deep sea fishing
in the thousand suns
historical kiss
forever as none

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