No bed of roses

                                 no bed of roses


my lifes been a whirlwind of drama and bad luck and its taking its toll

i feel like i dont truly belong on this planet and its hurting my soul

all i do is feel the same day in and day out and i want it to stop

one more minute feeling this way i will surely lose it and pop

life isnt what i thought it would be and my arms are my releases

livings way to hard and its way to cruel and is no bed of roses

because my past is filled with tear stained pillows and ghosts locked up

and my future isnt written yet and my present is an empty cup

filled with uncertainties and sadness and in my mind ive died many times

in my dreams the moment i die all noises hush and all i hear are chimes

lifes way to hard and its way too grim and its no bed of roses

yet here i am rolling with the tide and staring at my waiting arms

and the urge to relieve myself becomes all comsuming with great alarm

i cry as i let the pain wash over my arm and smile all while i feel nothing too

its done what needed to be done and shame washes over me but what can i do

so why the sadness when i look down and see the scars there upon my arms

to find sweet release right there in the flesh and find the need to do myself harm

because my life is to damned right down to my soul and its no bed of roses


                              Zoey cup




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one at a dark part of my life and when I read it after I wrote it in seemed to put my problems in a different perspective!!!!

                 Zoey cup

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Do not follow the path I have taken

Learn from my mistakes 

The world is a cold place 

But stand strong and listen carefully

Just don't eat everything they feed.

When ever your down and feeling sad

I'm here, with you always

 listen to your mother

We love you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not sure where I'm goin with this. Been sitting in a hospitail for a week lol

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A new love, a new start

A new dream, with new hearts.

New words, new emotions

New fears, ever growing.

A new life, with new obsessions

New rules, and new catches. 

New loss, new devotion

With no pretenses, no commotion.

A new calm, before the storming

He is the llight, before the mourning. 

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A grain of time.

Time, like grains of sand-

The tighter you grasp

The faster it runs away.

Each single grain

That falls from your hand,

Like time, can never be regained.


And time, like a grain of sand

Can be blown away

With the smallest breath.

And the clutching hand

With the precious sand,

Dreads the last grain.



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The Sparrow of My Life


Like a sparrow in the wild
You came amidst the dark night
It was such a relief
To find you in my life

Like a music in the air
That hummed in my ears
It was such a warm feeling
Your song I gladly sing.

But then life is not a garden
Where flowers and bees are growin'
All goods things come to an end
It was not at all pure heaven.

I was weak but I became strong
I licked and healed my wounds
Bowing my head in silent prayer
I lift 'em all to God, my Redeemer.

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