Forever is to long



             You've seen fire and you've seen rain. You've seen sunny days you swore would never end.


              Just like James sang. You had that sparkle that inner shine. Laced with love and wishing


              you could turn back time. The season has died and been born again. It whispers the tune


              of your last breath. Where do you or I go after here? Do we simply fly away and disappear?


              Can we grieve until the day we die? Do I spend my life asking why? Let us just remember


               all of it. The good the bad the things we miss. We're born into pain, into light and love.


              You can't stop this lonesome dove. She is intertwined with dancing free. She resides in a


              sad and broken part of me.     (In memory of  mom 1964-2012)





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a quick poem. Not perfected

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