If you're going to make a diss and call it poetry then at least rhyme.

Everything you just said was a lie. Maybe it's time I take you on a ride.

You used to confide in me but now I'm going to drown you in a sea with words.

A hateful stare is the last thing you'll see.

You're fucking Eighteen and to be discreet.

No one treats you as a queen because you're mean.

Anger consuming me.

My skins turning green.

That's why I'm here. Or there. Fuck it. Im everywhere.

After this I guarantee you'll be scared.  

You work at a Christian school. You don't even
Believe in religion you fucking fool. Hypocrite.

You're fucking desperate but to every boy you've dated you've been treated as a tool.

You're always so inconsiderate. Say I'm full of bullshit.

Calm down hunny don't throw a fit. You don't want to get hit.

Just kidding. I don't hit girls but I will spit.

I think it's time I turn this shit lit and display my wit.  

So where you at kinz. You still wanting that Mercedes benz.

Got this hand full of pens.

About to write about this hinge.

Holding my hand.

You were wearing that rubber band.
Told my friend that we should start a band.

Pretended to care but you lied to me and I got canned.

Rammed my fist in a wall. I was 5 feet tall.

A Mirror in the hall
Ugly and I wanted to crawl
Away from the pain. Please call

No. not my number. My step dad will pin me to a wall
You made me fall. Im down.
Meanwhile you’re downtown
Shopping in the mall.

With your boyfriend Michael
Who would treat you like goddess
But you’re like a narwhal
Majestic but Sadistic

Sick cause I still think you’re fantastic
Unfathomable how your feelings are like plastic
Bombastic. You’re magic is drastic
But you’re so fucking sarcastic

Elastic. Color guard and gymnastic
Tragic how you lied but you’re so enthusiastic
Scholastic. Not the best grades but I am so onomastic
Let me tell you what you’re name means

I’m not writing this to be mean. You’re the favored one
Theres only a few I could say that I loved a ton
We had so much fun. 6 years hun.
Everything you said seemed like a pun

Funny but Meaningful
Like a bunny you jump around
but you hop to one guy to the next
You lie when you say Michael hit you around. He never raped you. He never abused you. Do you understand this context?

I hope this has weighed a thousand pounds
I can feel your heart break
every time you feel like you’ve found the one
But you started when you were young

Like a nun.
But not loyal to the big one.
You will find none

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