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Fishing, web design, graphics design, writing, reading, fixing cars, camping, singing, cat rescue and foster care, photography, trying to learn to draw, building custom computers and various other forms of geekery, power tools, appliance maintenance and repair.

Well I have been writing poems since I was about fourteen years old. Many of my writings are from my teen years. I had more time then. *smile*

I love cats best of all but I love all animals. I also enjoy fixing classic cars both engine and body although I have not had much opportunity for body work.

I am a happy person most of the time and I smile often. However, I also smile to mask my pain so it is hard to tell with me if I am truly happy. My eyes are the best way to tell. If I am not happy my smile will not reach my eyes.

I also love making graphics and webpages. It has become yet another addiction for me. It also falls into the healthier category but not for my wallet. *grin* With new ideas for websites comes the desire for new domain names to go with them.

All my writings are my own creation inspired by various things. Ever the procrastinator I am still working to assemble them in book form. *grin*

Have a Happy Day,

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My navel is an innie. Why did I put this here? If you don't know you can register and find out. *smile*

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~I write to find out what I am talking about.~


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