-Love and God

Messed It All Up


I messed it all up
I don't care if I'm right
I don't think I can fight
I wrecked them all up

I'm sorry for my sins
Forgive me for my deeds
I don't care if I live
At least I told you these

Please give me beam of light
I beg you on my knees
Just want to go home white
Swim on the purple seas

I'll wait for you all night
I'll buy you glass of wine
Just let me see the sunshine
In peace, I'll say goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"MESSED IT ALL UP" tells about being repentant and remoarseful about something you've done and you just want them to know that you've realized you're wrong.

my ode entitled Mother earth love'

Animal Kingdom

Mother Earth Love

Mother earth needs some loving
The rock we live on is living
And needs love sending to her
That’s if you really care

Cos in order to send some love
To our darling mother earth
You got to recognise her existence
That’s not most people in the west

Who think that all our earth consists
Is rock, crystals and minerals
The truth, been tricked out of it
And all molten in the middle

Not sure about the true constituents
But mother earth provides ingredients
For all of your favorite recipes
And all the water for your tea

She won’t see you go thirsty
And she loves you as well as me
But she’s under chemical attack now
And soon she will shake us out

She will re-birth yet again
As we are in the end of days
It’s coming sooner than you think
As the attitude of many, to her stinks

So love mother earth today please
And also in your prayers for peace
Send her love at every moment
There is no entity more deserving

You have a lot to thank her for
Everything in your life and more
An attitude of gratitude required
Give thanks for everything in your life

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The sun gives power
To brighten our souls
For it is a gift from God
That warmly consoles
The energy given
Expressing his ever understanding
That keeps us living
On the path of sin forgiving
Thank you Lord
For the chance to survive
And live this life
To be sanctified.

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Beautiful the Blood

I thought he was a teacher
A prophet some would say
Or a great man of his time
But these I throw away
For if He’s not who he said
He was a liar or a madman
But I know He is God


And this was always part of the plan

But we did not understand
Through our blindness could not see
Through our deafness could not hear
God, this man could not be!

And so he was condemned
Though He never did a wrong
And we hung Him on a cross
A pole to sky was long

And like the snake of Moses
Between Heav’n and Earth his weals
Were lifted above the people
That their sins would heal

How beautiful the blood
That fell to the ground
How freeing were the thorns
That pierced His noble brow
How unrecognizable the face
Of my great King
Who for the love of us
Gave everything


He died that very day
And I buried Him in the ground
I thought it all was over
Then an empty grave we found
He lives forevermore!
He died and rose for me!
And all so I could be
Restored to His family


Now I cannot stop
From saying what I’ve seen
That I saw my Savior die
To rise as my King!
Now whether it is right
To believe you or God
I will tell everyone
Both here and abroad.

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Who i thought you were fades into the past
Like a sky i once painted
So blue.
I think about you all the time, ive gone mad
I can't stop this, I'm tainted
Its true.
All thats left in my hand is a few grains of sand,
But I am laying on the entire beach
Shoreline stretches to the endless horizon,
Endless opportunities i will never reach.
Oh, how I need you here to tell me it is possible!
I would drown swimming to the impossible,
If you would tell me it is possible.
I open up, like a flower,
be my sun, be my reason for laughter.
I dont want to be locked tight inside this bud, only seeing me,
I dont care to be safe. With this love like the ocean, you're all i can see
I want to throw my heart overboard, and surrender to this drowning,
I wont fight against the great waters, your embrace is what rescues me.
I let go of what i thought, of what i once knew, i let go
I am a flower starting to bloom, the pure essence of love
Is all i know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this has not very much consistency.... Just needed to vent through writing. Let out whatever is surfacing within the ocean of my being. Namaste.


You are so dear, so close to me
And through these trying years
You've stood beside me faithfully
You've caught my many tears

I know we've never been apart
You've felt my pain and joy
You've held and healed my wounded heart
Each doubt and fear destroyed

You've been my friend, my sweet relief
My Daddy, wise and strong
You've held me, loved me, rescued me
For one more thing I long

I long to hold your nail-pierced hands
And kiss each precious scar
The wounds that broke this sinner's bands
So beautiful and marred

I want to look into your eyes
Those wells of strength and grace
And thank you for the love that binds
To tell you face to face

When in your arms, Oh that great day!
My every dream's fulfilled
You paid the price, you made the way
Your grace this moment willed

I'll lay my head upon your chest
And shed sweet tears of joy
The sorrow of each trial and test
This moment has destroyed

Until that sweet reunion day
I'll hope and love and grow
And live and dream and work and pray
For grace your face to know

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God is love

Different but the Same
Love is the goodness that’s never the same
Each heart adds ingredients which in no other came
We mix them by sight, actions, words or by pain
No matter the method they all produce flame
From the first time we feel it we are never the same
When we seek to restore it, it can drive us insane
For it comes not from the brain but from above
God is love, we are simply the ingredients

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