The Call

I looked out to the ocean
Darkness is all I see
But then the Morning Star
Who died and lives for me
For now the night reigns
But for those who’ve been drawn
Do not give up hope
It’s darkest ‘fore the dawn

Cry out you traitors
Your power fails away
In the glory
Of my King’s face
Come back you rebels
Your Father loves you still
And sent His only Son
To bring life you don’t deserve

But be warned
Your cause will not prevail
For nothing can stand against my Lord
All your schemes will fail
Because He loves you
He has prepared a way
To escape His Holy judgment
And live with Him always

Come to the light my brothers
He’s paid the price for you
To give you freedom
But the chosen are few
Can’t you see the battle
That’s waged for your soul
You’re on the losing side
Your “prince” will eat you whole

Listen to this rally
To save yourselves
To give you life
To save your soul from Hell

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Hater Friend

Random Poems

its funny how ur friend can turn into a hater or even worse then that a traitor // being by ur side all this time so u thought that yall was greater // smh a lesson learned sooner or later // i would say to trust no one but urself but to survive u must trust few // so in tern u must be able to see through & gain that field of view // & fuck those pointless haters that wanna put all there aggression towards you // then u wanna add me on facebook and hmu on aim // dam these faggots got no fucking shame // u nothin but a pathetic chicken hen // not even worth being my twitter friend // that's why ur mama be hidin like osama bin Ladin // cuz she don't wanna deal with no gay ass Aladdin // so do me a favor // stick ur nose out of my business and shove it up a fags end.


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