Deep In The Forest

Deep in the forest.


A coat of snow.


An outline of sun,


Peeping through branches.


Zero temperature.


Static stillness.


A wooden hut,


Surrounded by snow.




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Haiku and Hokku




Winter breathes coldly

A rose on new-fallen snow

Beauty in nature


White carpet without

Inside, the dog sleeps soundly

Dreaming of Spring days


Rain upon the window

Soothing, sweetly singing soft

As I write about it




Family stay near

Life's storms draw close together

What calm drives apart


Special together

As I concentrate on work

She watches TV


Fearing the future

She wraps her arms around me

And holds me tightly




Alluring water-front

Holding magnificent crafts

Warships now at peace


Men of foul language

Cargo brought ashore today

The smell of the sea


Moonlight on the waves

Horns of vessels passing by

A lonely gull cries

On The Edge Of Nothing

The air up here is see-through clear


The only fog comes from our hot dry mouths


Rubbing our cracked hands


Licking our cracked lips


Teetering here, on the edge of nothing.


The air up here is blank-minded thought blinding


The only thought to shine through as stars in the nightling sky


Stomping our frozen feet


Shouting our frozen fears


Standing here, on the edge of nothing.


The air up here is falling down


The sky throws itself upon the mount and cries


We hold the frozen tears in our cracked hands


And catch them with our cracked lips


And looking up to cry with it


Happy tears


Teetering here, on the edge of nothing



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Merry Christmas my snow baby.

Oh my goodness, cheer o cheer, lights in the trees, along porches, and an angel on high,

Tiny flutters by and by, little hand, little feet, kick kick kick, fly little boy, fly oh so my. 

Stretch and yawn like the sun that rises oh so high, suck your thumb or close your eyes,

I love you with all of my heart my sweet little boy, I hope you reach for the sky so high. 


Your brother awaits with love and guidance, awaits to show you the world we make ours,

He loves you more than you can imagine, more than the stars and more than the moon, 

If you come soon, your dad is ready and awaits your little cry, you will be here oh so soon,

I just can't wait to see your eyes, touch your soft hair, feed that little tummy, in your room. 


Soft jammies with little soft socks while snuggled in blankies, keep warm my baby,

The cold wind whips threw the night like hungry wolves, so bitter yet so dramatic,

I can't wait to hold your little body in my arms, keep you warm and away from harm,

I'll protect you with my life, my child, never fear, your family is here as your forever alarm.


Wreaths of spruce, pinecones, and a red bow, you're here the perfect time of the year,

Snow that sparkles in the moonlight, Snow that crunches under our boots, hot chocolate, 

The silence of the night that never grows old, I cannot wait for your story to unfold,

I cannot wait to pull you and your brother in the snow, in a little sled, have no fear, 

You came at just the right time of the year, I am filled with tears, I get to enjoy just you. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my sweet Lance H. L.



Every day more falls,
And I wonder,
Will it ever cease?
Will the sun peek through again?


These questions sit heavy,
My mind ablaze despite the cold,
I hear the wind on the window,
I know it will,
But it feels as if
It will not.


Why does it matter,
If the snow stops at all?
For you know it will return,
At the end of next fall.


Welcome to the real world,
Things never go away,
Only temporarily leave,
To return another day,

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We Remember

On the count of three, we sprinted away

From danger. Our feet tripped over the banks

Of white with snowshoes – homemade by duct-taped

Plywood. A ravenous polar bear nipped

At our heels, and the flurries burned my cheeks.

I twisted my head to look to my side;

A young image of Dad jogging close behind,

Smiling, describing winter’s adventure.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a little poem dedicated to my favorite childhood memories with my father, enjoy! Comment with feedback or a story of your own to tell!

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Never Tell

The cold wind whistling at the window,

You can feel in the air there will be snow.

Another night of waiting for the first flake to fall,

Waiting for the panic attack to hit me like a wall.


Just the thought of driving through this weather,

Thinking anything else would be better.

Afraid of slipping and sliding so much,

I stay in my own world, out of touch.


Always thinking something bad will happen,

I want out of this world I seem to be trapped in.

This is just one of the many things I fear,

I wish I could explain it and make it clear.


Fear of anything and everything is no way to be,

But this is my life and no one knows but me.

So I’ll keep to myself, and stay in my shell,

And continue to fear, and never tell.

*Winter Is (Now) Part 2*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Winter is loving 

Winter is cold

Winter is for the young

And for the old 

Winter is awesome

For this is true

Because we've been told

Winter is for me 

Winter is for you 

Winter is for every family

Families big and small

And ones that have their own crew


Winter but only comes once a year

Not in spring or fall

But it only comes in the coldest days of winter 

You know when it's near 

The birds fly away

And when you wake up It's freezing outside

But you go out anyway In the snow to play

Build a fort....Sit there....Wait and hide

For the one who will get hit by your snowball

Will try to get you by the end of the day

So make sure to duck and get away

Make sure to have alot of ammo placed by

And once again sit quietly and pray

This time you'll get your shot

And not miss or you'll hurt your pride

But of course once again you miss

You try again and hit your target on spot

You have your ultimate bliss

He got hit with a snowball on the side of his head

By your little sis

You give her a high five

And jump for joy

And are glad you got him while you're alive

This year you finally got the boy


Winter is so much fun

But for now I'm heading in to get warm

And my boots feel like a ton

From all the snow that got inside

We have to hurry

Because here comes another storm

The clouds look dark,puffy,and wide

Yay! It's begining to flurry


Winter is loving

And I am cold and wet from the snow

I really don't like shoveling

You didn't care to hear before

But now you know

The fun events of today

In my diary I will store

So say good-bye to the bitterness of winter

Set it free

It's never a bore 


Winter has a charm

The best part 

Is when we have our first snow

It's so gorgeous outside

It brings warmth to your heart

From the sun It's all white and so much glitter

Not a snow flake misplaced 

It's just prettier


On our way to get on our sled 

Down the hill we slide

You won't want to miss the fun

Family all by your side 

Memories....holding on to each one 


Winter is loving

Winter is cold

Winter is only here for a little while 

So for now I'm going to enjoy

Sit back and watch it fall with a smile 



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Nature's Music Box

Just a thought!

I awoke this morning, a slight nip in the air,

my slippers, no where in sight, guessing the dog needed them again.

Stepping briskly, tring to traverse the sparcely scattered rugs

strewn about the cold, hardwood floor of the cabin, I made my way through

to let the dog out. Upon opening the door, thoughts of a Currier and Ives,

hand colored Lithograph flooded my mind, as if a Winter painting had dropped

from the sky, covering the landscape in Titanium white.

Only fine lines of warm grey let the trees peek through snow covered forest,

while glass, tinsel tops glistened in morning sunlight.

The only sound... a soft wind as it blew through icecicle windchimes...

            "The sweet sound of Nature's music box...

                                                                          as her ballerinas pirouette on ice"

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

" I opened the door this morning to five inches of snow cover,

and a symphony of icecicles playing music box melodies.

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