Sunlight blinds you

Burns my eyes

Hard to think this

Is Paradise

It’s far too bright

For us to see

As I am cooled

By a breeze

Diamond sparkle

From the sand

Rainbow light

Across the land

Desert beauty

But still cool

For my wonder

The sight is fuel

I look at you

You look at me

In the shade

Of a palm tree

That we’re under

I gaze in wonder

I can’t believe I have the power

To hold the love of this desert flower

All alone we are together

Will we ever leave?


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A lover

I have found stength in my pain
The answers outside of myself leave me lost
Like a fish out of water
Searching for the ocean,
That is only found within.
I want to meet a gentle soul
Whos lips are soft like a newborn kitten,
So delicate, so pure, from which flow forth words of healing
That are formed from a mind more clear than the most bluest of sky, stretching on through eternity
And concieved from a heart dilligently polished clean.
Someone clear like the finest crystal,
No secrets except for the secrets of love.
No sign of darkness, except that which soul light has shined upon.
Just light, in its widest spectrum,
Scattered across the physical, and non physical plane
When they walk into the door
When they walk into my life.
No sign of lust,
So pure.
His eyes reveal the depth of an ocean I live to drown within.
They know my souls deepest requests,
And say through slight movements
"that of which every pure soul requests, i will help you stay true to you."
Never again will you feel the grief of doing things from any other sector, but your soul.
What rings true to you?
You barely even know, he says.
That rings much truer to me.
Pure friendship.
Like swinging on the highest swing, almost touching a cloud, perfectly in synch.
Never asking for more than what I give.
Presence is the greatest present,
It is more than enough.
A feeling, a truth, more real than anything ive experienced while in this body.
An inner knowing that goes far beyond
Past, present, future.
Moments, where like a flower, you open up,
Facing the sun,
And that wholeness,
Love in all its power, shining upon you and within you,
Becomes all you know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

true love throug the eyes of my soul. Namaste.

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