my ode entitled attitude of grattitude


Attitude of Gratitude


I look around at western society
And the existence of quality
We are tricked into thinking
By on purpose disconnecting
From the real spirit inside
When connected, feels so alive


Check the kids out on the cover
(picture of poor kids in Laos)
So happy and so is his brother
Even though they have no toys
Or shoes, live life with joy
Have every reason to complain
On face value loads of suffering


But when you look closely at
Their lives, examine the facts
They have it better than us
In so very many directions
Deep down they know it too
Cos their soul is smiling on you


They live in amazing country
With all mother natures beauty
No pollution hits their lungs
Their life only just begun
No toxins in their food too
They lead a cleaner life than you


They got no toys, no bike too
But I’m betting fitter than you
They don't have chairs as well
Squatting for hours, not hell
And walking for an hour to school
Fitter than your kids too


That’s not hard, welded to a pc
Or a computer game probably
Sat on a comfy seat for hours
With no fresh air in their lungs
These kids dont have electricity
Don’t need it either; or a TV


Our DNA only regenerates when
It’s in a state of bliss: Heaven
When your vibrating at high frequency
This insulates you definitely
But about your DNA: No way
Regenerates unless bliss in your day


The kids in Laos life is simple
And to them, western life so mental
Though some in the east look west
Our quality of life to behest
If they realised they had it so good
They wouldn't look to our hood


And people in the west may think
Such a simple life does stink
Where’s your wide screen TV?
Everything else run on electricity
Everything designed to steal your energy
Much healthier life in the country


Thank your god for small mercies
That you have all that you need
Be grateful for what you got
And if your miserable please stop
The kids in the picture, every reason
To me miserable in all seasons


But the smiles say it all, free too
Wonder what one will look like on you
go on, try a smile right now
And to sadness please don’t cow tow
Be grateful, and also get humble
And about your life please don’t grumble


If you do I have no sympathy
Unless its cancer or ill terminally
Or your kin’s died for no reason
Then to be sad, it’s the season
Be happy quick they do not die
Waiting to see you in the next life

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