The Call

I call in the muses & the music

I call in the magic, its form in its purest

I call in the Angels & the Saints

I call out to Heavens' Pearly Gates


I hear you calling from far away

Sending me dreams thought forgotten, of yesterday

I call in the joy, I remember the pain

And suddenly I would give anything, to relive it again.

Woe begotten, still forgotten,

these precious dreams of yesterday

I feel you calling, a tug on my skin

I look in the mirror and see something within

A sparkle, a light, that gives a quick fright

Then sudden and spoken, the spell still unbroken

I see you within, calling my name.

You smile and you grin, you're always the same.


"Look UP

Look Over

Change Your Point of V




So thinking a thought, I hadn't thought before,

I felt a rush & a wind, and it opened a door.

A door filled with light, hope, sound and song

I knew in my heart, this was the place I belonged.


This was my moment, my final test.

I closed my eyes tight and took a deep breath.

Thinking my thought, I had never thought before

I held it before me, as I walked through the door.

Here I am now, in this place of calm and of light,

Wondering why it took so long, to finally get it right.


Throwing worry aside, and bitterness to the winds,

Fate guides my hand now,

                                    as new life



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, it's been really hard trying to get out anything that makes any sense! lol, so in the end I had to try and concentrate on one feeling, and this is what came out :) It was kind of fun though... i kept hearing it like a song in my head, and it was a little distracting, lol. Thank you everyone, for all your wonderful love and support!!

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I don't know what was updated

I don't know what was updated from the previous version but the energy is extraordinary! Maybe it's just me but it just flows beatifully!

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Thank you!! I actually just

Thank you!! I actually just touched up the two lines at the end... i feel better with it now :)

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You did exceptionally well!

You did exceptionally well! This formula really seems to work for you! Great job! :) 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Starts like a prayer and ends

Starts like a prayer and ends as a song. Has that wonderful bounce. Very moving profound and uplifting !

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thank you for that!! It's

thank you for that!! It's what I was hoping it would feel like :)

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The Cadence

the meter makes it sing songy throughout, I cast all cliches to the wind in 1969 - so much longing and wating and finding here - A

Lady A