Children Of A Future World

there is hope

only if we teach 

them to think,

not what to think.


6:23 PM 5/19/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Teaching children how to think on their own is something my generation wasn't too big on. I had to learn that for myself.

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I may be under this small roof today
I don't care, I am on a translational wheel
I believe would propel me to a greater height

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Silent Praise


when you lay eyes upon a child,
whether he is pleasant, or cold
and unforgiving, do not only
see him as the child he is in the
present day, but as the future of
this country and the world.
he is a child but as well a teacher,
a parent, a suffragist creating
new paradigms, or preacher.


we speak loudest through those
things we reveal only with our
hearts and our eyes, so when

talking to children, scream
it at the top of your silence.


1:44 AM 5/5/2013

Rain On Down

Light and Dark

Go on and just let it rain

Rain on down

I don’t care


Keep on washing

This pain away

I don’t care

She’s gone away


Twilight’s moonlight

Shines against the sun

Hasn’t taken over yet

But I know it’s won

Just like how I feel right now

Numbness sets on me

Taking away how I felt

What we could’ve been


Hell ya rain is a good thing

Because where would I really be

Without it taking away my thoughts

And all my memory

Without my past

I have a future

So just go on


And just let it rain

Rain on down

I don’t care


Keep on washing

This pain away

I don’t care

She’s gone away

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I Just Haven't Met You Yet.

Love and Hope

You are the most beautiful thing,

I can't even explain how I feel.

I don't know what you look like,

But I know that our love is real.

You dance across my dreams,

But dreams and fairytales are full of it.

You'll never ever hurt my feelings,

or make me feel like sh!t.

You are my happily ever after,

Though I can't explain how I know.

Don't be afraid to approach me,

My smile is a green light, so go.

We'll make each other happy,

we'll be together until the end of forever,

And even when you get sick of me,

you'll still stay because we make each other better.

We'll kiss and make up and go on dates

We'll smile and reminisce on how we met.

We'll be the best and worst of friends,

You can't comprehend how good it will get.

My eyes will wander to my phone hoping you call,

I'll be looking out for you as I walk,

Hoping against hope you'll step up right then,

I'm anticipating the first time we will talk.

We'll be engaged ready to get married,

You'll be getting much more than I get,

I know I'll love you forever and ever

But I just Haven't met you yet.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Undecided Basically its about knowing that there is someone out there for you.... you just haven't met them yet. Not sure how good this poem is though.... So let me know what you guys think of it

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Dedication to the One Called We - July 12, 2012


If this is all I can do,

Then I should take it to you,

As a clue for for me and you to follow,

Still unsure what to do with myself so hollow.


I'm so confused, I feel refused,

And accused of being the culprit.

I can't abuse, or suffuse,

This broken me I'm finding.


Coward? Idiot? I don't know.

Exactly what I am I can't discover,

And I'll never recover, or dissever,

My ties from this significant other.


I can't break this curse of stupidity,

This soul, bravery of fluidity,

Dripping away from me as moments broadcasting;

Never everlasting; my appearance contrasting.


Despite slight tolerance, severance has occurred,

And obscured my torn soul, my unclear architecture.

So despite the impression, give some digression,

And find reality's me, and my so clear recession.


I dedicate this writing, to the one called we,

Just so we can see, our reality we're facing,

Our confusion fast pacing; but together we can lace,

And trace our new future, if even new at all.


Maybe it'll be the same future it has always been,

Because what's yet to come may never be discovered,

So if thought about it right, all can be all right,

And we never will have to change, never recovered.


We can't rearrange our future, or rearrange us,

Only because of that force, that invisible source,

That we call our love, that admiration that floats above,

A disasterful, irreparable and regrettable course.


I dedicate this writing, to the one called we,

Because hopefully you'll see, the meaning behind me.

If you look close into my eyes, the meaning becomes true,

Because if you look close into my eyes, what is seen is you.

Sweet euphoria

so enticed by your own suffering..

it keeps coming back around.. 

just when you think you're standing up, you get pushed down.

you wonder, but why bother..


I know what that feels like... 

to be swallowing dirt, with your face planted into the ground..

your mind is in constant crucifixion..

you can't look at the clouds, & know the sun is behind it.. 


the hands of time move in circles...

quality is not quantity.. 

tomorrow is not today.


if this storm hovers over me,

if it fucking pours down on me,

for all eternity..

raindrops will glisten through my eyes.. 

you'll see I never tried to hide.. 


because the rain can bring out our true colors,

when given the chance to pass..

I will walk along a street of rainbows,

while the past burns, & falls to ash.. 


my heart says not to turn, & walk away.. 

but so badly it yearns to fly, & just escape..

oh, Sweet Euphoria..


In the Future

In the Future,

We Will Not Piss or Shit nor Fuck or Fight,
We Will Have No Moment of Solitude Without a T.V. Present,
The Latest Drowning Victim or Lost Child Will Be Pumped Into Our Already Occupied Minds Fast as Greased up Hippos on Ice Skates,
No U.S.A. Gold Will Go Unnoticed,
Not Our President,
He Will Not Fail,
We are the Best,
The Best of Any and All Society to Come Out of Modern Culture,
We Believe It,
Every Single Letter of It,
Eat, Sleep, Drink and Fuck it
Nightly News Anchors Staring at Our Most Private of Parts Running Down The Days Chaos,
Massive Droughts In New Mexico, 
Riots in Tahiti,
Starvation in Spin-a-Globe-and-Point-Your-Finger-Fashion,
Oh, But You've Got Some Type of Massive Constipation Right?
And You CAN'T Go!
It's of No Real Consequence,
We've Got Wars to Fight,
Draughts to Irrigate,
Riots to Break Up God-Dammit!
Forget Your Personal-Plugged-Up-Piping,
Do What's Right for Your Country,
We've got REAL things to Deal With Here!
All the While Doing and Going About Our Very Regular and Private But Now Public Lives,
It is Always Watching,
And We,
Always Watching It,
Don't Look Into a Mirror Unless You See A Reflection,
Don't Speak Until You Hear Sounds Mimicking Faint-Angel Songs,
Certainly Don't Touch a Thing,
History is a Museum,
Time is Sacred Here,
Absolute and Unchangeable, 
It has Been Written in Hundreds-Of-Thousands-Of Books in Thousands-Of-Millions of Languages,
Passed Out to the New Innocent Blooming Crooks,
There was A Bake Sale Today,
American Pie's 5 for A Dollar,
They Will Hand Them Out,
With Black Crows Cooked Inside,
They Will Hand Them Out and We Will Eat Them,
Tell the World How Delicious Crow Cooked American Pie Is,
And the World Will Lick its Last Finger,
And  Blindly Agree
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To My Future Wife


Everyone is half of who they’re intended to be

So I wonder if you’re the better half of me

And sometimes I wonder, as I look at the sky

If you’re waiting too, the exact same as I


Sing me a love song, never to part

Play on the strings, deep in my heart

Speak the words that heal my hurt soul

Say that you love me, make me whole


I thought I’d found love once before

But only after do I see what it was for

It was practice; a broken road, true

But thank God it led me straight to you


All these things I think, but we haven’t met

In fact, I’m not even sure that we’ve met yet

But I still pray for you every night

Thanking God that He picked you; for me you’re just right


Sing me a love song, never to part

Play on the strings, deep in my heart

Speak the words that heal my hurt soul

Say that you love me, make me whole


I learned love from a sacrifice

Though I once hated God, He paid the price

For me to live; made again new

And just as a present, He made you


I may not be perfect as yet

But just for you, I’ll do my very best

I think you’ll find, deep within me

A man who’ll love,

And protect,

And cherish you



That’s just me

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