Found Dreams

And in the realm of dreamscapes

Where water’s thick as oil

Dust coats the tongues of wanderers

Who earn a pittance for their toil


And a girl now twenty

Stood hanging out the wash

And with each grimy sheet she hung

She counted what was lost


And the gritty clapboard shanty

The one that she called home

Was empty and was hollow

She was all alone-


The horizon went forever

As they do only in dreams

The tears she wiped from her cheeks

Weren’t what they seemed


They came away as glass

She had cried priceless jewels

She gathered tears in her apron

To hide them from the fools


In the jewels’ reflection

She saw what was to be

Gathered up her courage

Determined to be free


And in the realm of dreamscapes

Where wanderers pass on by

She took hold of dreams she cried

And waved them all goodbye

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future will not be mine

past was mine

present is mine

but future will not be mine

at that time i have to think far away

think far away from my life

forget the past

forget the future

i have to take a line

i have to take that line

which change my mind

forget about heart

only i have to think about mind

cause this is gonna be my future mind

now i'm not serious for it

not wanna be serious

after three months my future come

future will not be mine

don't know what happen of my dream

become an engineer that is my aim

and make a band that is my dream

this is not a night dream

this is a fun life of my dream

but become an engineer it for

for settle my future life

that is mine but not

exactly mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

think about future this kind of thoughts come in my mind

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