you don’t have to be here

you don’t have to be here

By jfarrell



Where you are now, you don’t have to be;


Trust me;

Everywhere I go is a legitimate terrorist target;

I ask “do you want chips with…” your hot dog at Wembley,

As I watch two grimly held machine guns walk past.


Everywhere I work now, a bomb might go off;

But, I ain’t here;

Here’s your hot dog, and did you want chips with that…

I may say this to you….


But behind my eyes,

I’m watching adam sandler movies, lord of the rings;

The BBC 12 part tinker, tailor, soldier, spy;

And listening to all the music I ever heard.


I’m dancing to ‘aint no stopping us now’

‘oops up side your head’ ‘soul man’

I seriously am not here, as I hand you your hot dog;

And don’t look behind you, at the scary machine guns


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have a big, bright, shiney red button that's marked "do not  push!"

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Mohammed let me down

Mohammed let me down

   By jfarrell


The eclipse…

There; so many infidels we could have slaughtered, like pigs;

But, Allah, didn’t speak to us;

I don’t understand;



Even mohammed fears god?

No order to attack?

C’mon, they are camped in fields in their droves;

No police; no concrete blocks;

One single truck…

Hundreds could be dead…




Maybe, even your mighty Mohammed fears god,

And his wrath;

Me? I’m an infidel, don’t even believe in god;


Sorry, with the eclipse;

You’re failure to act;

Either you’re a bunch of pussies;

Or your, personal, Allah’s full of shit.


And I’m easy to spot, if you wanna put a fatwah on me;

I wimp, cowardly looking westerner, wearing glasses;

My profile pic is me;

But blowing women and children up more your kinda thing

Coz that’s wot worthless cowards do;

Hurt those weaker.


C’mon, big man (hehehe “big man” hehe, wot a tosser);

Seriously; the eclipse; not one message from Allah?

That’s why you will lose :-)

You don’t really believe;

You’re just tourists. And ill-informed ones, at that.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

yep, tourists

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28th Day Sober

28th Day Sober

By JFarrell



(“All the people in the world, they have the chance to change things;

But they must think and work and dream,

And break some rules, to change things.

They must change.”   John M Watts of Fischer Z)



I am still sober on the 28th day,

But with the London Bridge attack, last night,

Forgive my lack of jubilance.


I have had to be determined to get to this place; sober,

And I have new determination

To learn Arabic, to destroy this ideology, with poetry.


You can’t fight lies with lies;

You can’t fight hate with hate;

So truth and love are the only weapons we have.



And it is words that started this mess,

Since the beginning of time.


No god has ever asked MAN to war, fight or hate;

No god ever wrote a book:

Gods make mountains, rain, love.


MEN write “these are the words of god”

MEN who want power speak “in the name of god”;

And, please notice I said “MEN” - this is not my hidden sexism poking through;

MEN cause this.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

we can change if for the better

My Dragon’s Vengeance

My Dragon’s Vengeance

By JFarrell




She, my dragon, arises,


A maelstrom of rage,

Vengeance unleashed.


Monday night,

22 angels

A children’s pop concert

A piece of garbage with a bomb



My dragon roars and shrieks

With unconsolable pain

And uncontrollable rage


The schism of her rage

Leaves nothing but a mushroom cloud.



Sorry, dedicated to the victims and families of the bomb in Manchester, 22/5/2017

   And the victims of all terrorists around the world.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my dragin is angry

So you wanna be a terrorist

So you wanna be a terrorist

By JFarrell


So you wanna be a terrorist?

Thats fine by me.


You can be like my dad

Such a big brave man

He gets drunk to beat his wife and kids

Because he’s a chickenshit coward.


Do you really think bombing a bunch of kids

Makes you any better that him?

Makes you braver than him?

Makes you more a man than him?


What a pussy!

Yes, you!

Isis, ira, al queda, whoever…

I should fear you?



Oooh, you got guns and bombs,

I’m so scared



Be a man, act like a man

You pussy!

Real men don’t blow up children

Chickenshit worthless losers blow up children.


Paradise? Virgins? Reward?

I don’t care what god you claim to honour

Ask him

For scum like you he has a place reserved in Hell.


And those on our side

The newspapers, the columnists

The big mouths

Stop spreading the hate - you’re as bad as them, and as responsible.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

be a man

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The Police

The Police

By JFarrell


If you see a police officer,

Today, tomorrow, next week,

Please go up and say

Thank you.


We may not all like the police,

It doesnt matter;


When a scumbag detonates a bomb

They, and the other emergency services,

Rush in to help

Where I, and many of us, would run away.


They are not perfect,

Who is?

They’re never around when you want one,

And if you are not white, you may well feel harassed by them.


But when some cowardly nutjob

Detonates a bomb at a children’s concert

Or drives a car into a group of pedestrians

These people rush in to help.


Twenty two people, many of them kids, died last night,

That number may go up;

But many more were saved

Because of the actions of the brave boys in blue

(and the other emergency services).


So, if you see a police officer

Please say thank you.



*Dedicated to all the emergency services

And the victims of terrorism everywhere.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

please stop the hate

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Don't try to Shut me up with your bullshit isms


I see a religion of politics and submission to man breakibg the halls of the poor and dirty to fill those of the rich. 

Terrible unenlightened abuse and exploitation of the true humble and devout

Another crucade is coming to cross out the blood with blood, for nothing is worse than accepting a fate that damns your soul.

The good that freedom brings, the powerful want it 

They feed thier intrests while preying on the needy 

Enjoy this life if you can,

these sin will not be forgiven. 

Racism? Dont get me started on ' isms ' !

A fact is not an ism.

Unfairness is not an ism

speaking up against tyrany lies and deception is not an ism.

Take your isms, sacrifice your culture and way of life to them

be polite and cry later as you become a minority in your own fold.

You welcomed it in.

You gave it no boundaries and left unchecked you made this mess of isms. Rise up take back the world you fought for.

Do do not step back.

Expose the true agendas let the meek inherit the earth

for theyve always known how to share it.

May light and the enlightened spread the new reality and let politcal correctness the most used and corrupted weapon of the oppressors die its well ovrdue death; because if you havent managed to offend someone you probably havent stood up for a damn thing in your life or for the next.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If its all your way you arent sharing you are merely inhabiting the same space. Its my air too.

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Men and woman gunned down in the street
Police stand in horror with their blood on their feet
We cant beat these monsters with a few harsh words
But still they keep coming the migrant hordes
We can kill them abroad with an air-strike or two
Liberals wring their hands, what would they do?
Lets send a huge army and help out the Kurds
But still they keep coming the migrant hordes
Our leaders are crippled by political correctness
Scared of Religion there actions are feckless
Keep saying `There peaceful` its getting absured 
But still they keep coming the migrant hordes
Now they admit that their country is at War
They have defeated the NAZIS they have done it before
We have our Bulldog spirit, we can settle the score
But still they keep coming the migrant hordes
Please remember our children they live in this land
Surly for them you can make a stand?
Our forefathers stood they did it before
But still they keep coming the migrant hordes

© Tony McNally

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We abhor terrorism,

As we hate waste,

It like AIDS is so fatal,

It is the worst sort of extremism.


Terrorism breeds fear and death alone,

Terrorism is like the hellish fire,

Terrorism must be uprooted forever,

Terrorism should be thrown.


Let us sow the seed of HUMANITY,


Let us bury terrorism and greet sanity!

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