give up

Born loser

Sometimes It Is ok to give up


A Born Loser is what my ma would call me

Not a figure of speech there, she really would

And as hard I as try or as little as I sometimes did

I always prove she was right, it’s what I am


Found out today that a million dollar result of my work

Will go unrewarded and just like me unnoticed anyone

The last time the folks stood by me and I lost again

Born Loser even when I’m in the right


I trusted friends, tried to benefit friends and as always

Every choice was one by a loser and even

in the middle of it all, a friend called me one

This must be a true statement


Thinking of statement I used to say this

The world is obviously going to hell, 

do my best just not to make it 

my fault.  Well, to hell with that.


Those that liter get ahead like those who are selfish

Anyone who is willing to take gets what they want

Justice is a thought for losers or those lying

about being a loser by stepping on a loser


Idiots have faith in what mankind has to offer

except for the things a man can take from the other

And love is a dead end street for the loser too

Women see on my face what my mom said


Lost again today even when I found where I would lose

Showed it to someone I was paying to help me now lose

Someone who’s happiness and sadness has been

greatly effected by me so I guess thats what I lose


When we don't dream we can die and I like to sleep

a lot more these days so I’ll be ok as long as I 

have my dog and remember every moment 


Sometimes It is ok to give up Born Loser

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Living a life im not proud of leading, yet I still remain here, never have I though about leaving. Support you I will, even though what I do doesnt show what I feel. I dont think we would make it, and I hate having to fake it. But this is what we made, what we created. There werent no mistakes, there was just some bad choices, thats why we must follow through with this, and not ignore quiet voices. We will fight together, because its what we chose, but there will be no fairy tale, there will be no prose. Decisions were made without considering, and life will be lived without ever remembering.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about lust, and pregnancy. But about commitment and hate. Take the message how you want it. It can have many meanings. Please comment with what you think.

I don’t know what you trying to do, but take cannot work

Take my soul, break my heart, and accuse me of my unworthiness.
I shall not yield to your improper desires, my foot I shall lay down in shaken sands of cracked grounds,

Take my soul, break my spirit, and accuse me of misconduct and false intentions.
I shall not give in, I shall not give up, I shall retain my intentions and keep my peace, to wherever my heart desires,

Take nothing, break nothing, and accuse me of nothing.
I’m a stone made of iron, no rust can form, my body is of stainless steel, my faith is out of this world, and my believe cannot be measured, taken broken, or accuse of being too shallow.

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