Broken 2015

                   broken 2015



my life feels like its going so far out of control

like a prisoner who found out he didnt make parol

nothing feels right and everything is unspoken

i dont feel any more my hearts been so broken

sometimes i feel like im drownding in a pool

and wonder why life has to be so cruel

and one day you realize your somebodys token

and know with clarity that you have been broken

life never is what its supposed to be

but still i wait and we shall see

but there is no hope none in sight

and to me that should not be right

day after day and year after year

something always has to be near

keeping me down right in the muck

with not one ounce no little bit of luck

every one always keeps on poken

it dont seem right that i am still broken

when will i ever be happy again

its to much to ask and i can never entertain

its like im in a dream and cant be awaken

but forever know i will always be broken!!!



             zoeycup16 !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem just came to me hope you all like it !!!

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Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Deep in my soul 
It is all empty 
Never reaching my goal 
There is no beat in me 
My heart has fallen apart 
Knowing no one really cared 
Knowing from the start 
To get to know me no one dared 
I mid as well become heartless 
Get rid of my tears 
Want to change my inner mess 
All i got are my fears 
Trying to tell someone that im depressed 
Its useless no one cares 
Feeling all the pain 
Wanting to disappear 
Showing that i care isn't a game 
All i want is someone to hold to be near

All i do at night is cry 
My love i want to share 
But i rather just die 
With me no one wants to start that flare 
Wanting to lay by the fire 
Holding and loving someone is the desire 
Wishing someone would look my way 
Wishing they would stare 
I love you is what i wish they would say 
Heartless i am 
You care too much people say 
All i want to be is your precious jem 
Wishing i am strong enough to see the next day 
Im sick of feeling hurt 
You are beautiful I've been told 
I've always known that from the start 
But no one ever sees the tears on my shirt 
But all i want is someone to hold 
But all i get is a heart torn apart

Close your eyes and dream 
And you can be with me 
Love me with all your heart 
Let our hearts be free 
Stick together lets not fall apart 
Inside builds up all this stress 
Feeling all alone and afraid 
I don't want to be heartless 
All inside the pain is made 
One day i will be dead 
Because of a broken heart 
No on believed on what i said 
No one can put the pieces back from being apart 
Im all alone 
All by myself 
My heart has turned to stone 
Put me back on the shelf

Where i belong 
For everyone to walk by 
It wont be long 
Before my soul will die 
The tear falling from my eyes 
No one wants to pick me 
Why cant i have bluer skies 
The hurt building inside why cant people see 
Is everyone as heartless as me 
All alone and blue 
Why cant the hurt set me free 
On how much i really hurt i guess no one knew 
So i remain as i be 
Stuck with this painful mess 
No one will ever see 
That i will always remain heartless


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Wrong Love

If you don't get it back,

   Nothing will happen;

   Nothing gets solved.

You sent me a hearbreaking love song,

   Had me in tears.

   Had to be strong.

You and I are in the wrong era;

   Never cried like that before.

   I will love you forever. 

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Day Of Un-Embraced

Used and Abused, taunted and not flaunted as a wife to be

Nor as the mother of our child, is the permanent stones of mistakes

That I have made as the points, in a place where he lives

By what he is capable to create. Debated daily about the truth,

Frustrations, enforcement to be silenced.

Transformed my easy forgiving heart is abandoned

And more than just torn apart. Each day for

About two years now and finally I just became hateful towards

Those who lie behind lies..... As to being a young woman independent,

Attending school, making payments on a ride, along with

Raising not only one but two of her own babies

That suddenly seen this psychic lady that had not only warned

But secretly had planned to keep my life torn in order

To take what I was to be blessed with out of  jealousy, my life turned

Completely down a twist leaving me to be launched off a cliff...

                                                                                          Marcelina Flores

                                                                                         -June 30th 2014-

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Untold Truths

I have this heart , empty with echoes

Its reflection ever changing, searching

Your name still appearing, engraved


A crack, the fracture


Your image in the shattered pieces

I wish not to disturb it


I have nothing, other than these pieces

Pieces, not even mine

Pieces of borrowed time


These pieces, unwanted

I only had pieces to offer

Now none


I do not want the void, nor do I want to fill it ....

I wish I could put these pieces back together ....


I wish these pieces didnt hurt so bad




One last love poem

For the one who 

Stole my love 

And slathered it in blood

Which in the end 

Warmed my heart

Thank you

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Why am I not good enough?

What did I do wrong?

Why am I not good enough?

Why must I be alone for so damned long?

Why am I not good enough?

Why am I not worth enough to try?

Why am I not good enough?

My wings will never fly.

Why am I not good enough?

What harm did I ever do to you?

Why am I not good enough?

Why must my dreams be so few?

Why am I not good enough?

Why must I do all this crying?

Why am I not good enough,

 To do anything but slowly dying?

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A Perfect Pair, A perfect fate

I'm being dragged bare against the road with no set destination

I didn't know love would feel like a morbid amputation

Running through my mind and yet no set estimation

Looking for salvation, but forever ending with sensation


I held my world up like you lit up the sky, you were my sun

To make me feel alive for once? You were the only one

Now the sun sets again, but the fright has just begun

I wait the day you rise again, I can't think it's said and done


One day, I know, you will not come back

For good, they say, I'd think I'd have a heart attack

With you I feel alive, but without the visions pitch black

You make me who I am, but you make me what I lack


But they say I think I feel isn't true

But when I saw you, I knew

You held me up like glue

and I knew right there,  that I couldn't live without you


I'll give you all the time you need and wait

To years to decades, for me its never too late

Even if I'm old, and almost by life's gate

To die together is my wish, to be a perfect fate


And so I love you with my being, and all my heart

Despite any other who can set us apart

I know from the end, and to the start

For this love is more than that, a beautiful beautiful art.

I feel quit lonely here, about to burst in to tears.

I feel quit lonely here, about to burst in to tears. I can't imagine how my heart really feels, but I know I feel tired of the lies everyone tells me. I think my heart is hurt by all the pain I hold inside me. I feel like screaming till my voice is gone completely, like crying and never stopping just how rain happens, like running after something that's not really there but I keep going because I'm so confused of everything that's going on. I wanna say I'm sorry but why should I, if I'm not the one hurting anybody, I'm the one getting hurt but I still hold it in till I can't no more and then explode of all the pain, jealousy, anger, madness, and love, the one thing I fear most sometimes. I try being someone else because I wanna forget who I am, I wanna be someone who no one lies to and never leaves me waiting. I wanna be that girl who everyone loves, just like everyone loves the Fresh air of the beach when there walking in the sand with their love ones. But I will always stay stuck here wanting everyone to stop lying to me and tell me truth about how they feel. There's only one thing in life I want the most and that's to love the ones that are there for me and have never lied and to succeed in life with the goals I have in mind. I feel quit lonely here about to burst in tears. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem yesterday, I guess I didn't feel good about something or someone.  I guess i was just tired of all the lies and the untruthness. I don't know how it sounds but I just wrote what ever came out from inside of me. We live in a world full of lies, hate, jealousy and confusion and maybe its bringing me down Sometimes And wrote something about it.