Broken 2015

                   broken 2015



my life feels like its going so far out of control

like a prisoner who found out he didnt make parol

nothing feels right and everything is unspoken

i dont feel any more my hearts been so broken

sometimes i feel like im drownding in a pool

and wonder why life has to be so cruel

and one day you realize your somebodys token

and know with clarity that you have been broken

life never is what its supposed to be

but still i wait and we shall see

but there is no hope none in sight

and to me that should not be right

day after day and year after year

something always has to be near

keeping me down right in the muck

with not one ounce no little bit of luck

every one always keeps on poken

it dont seem right that i am still broken

when will i ever be happy again

its to much to ask and i can never entertain

its like im in a dream and cant be awaken

but forever know i will always be broken!!!



             zoeycup16 !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem just came to me hope you all like it !!!

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I don't think you're

I don't think you're broken........just a little bent'Tongue Out


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i have to apologize for my laugh i read your comment again and i guess the first time i didnt understand the term bent but i get it now and your right i am bent right now but im a work in progress and writing poems helps, thanks for giving me a different perspective to think about


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ha ha i needed that laugh thanks i guess i can be at times lol