A Piece of Advice


When boy meets girl from the other side,

Things were moving very fast.

No one could have ever imagined,

Things have gotten so serious.


Lots of secrets need to expose,

Lots of lies need to explain.

Hearts torn into pieces,

Don't know which way to go.


During that short time,

Things felt real, sadly its not.

Choose your man wisely,

That's all I have to say.



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The First Time



The first time they talked,

Something feels different.

The first time they met,

Everything feels right.


She ran,

Hugged and kissed him tight

Like there's no tomorrow.


He ran,

Hugged and kissed her tight

Like she was slipping away.


He was her football superstar

She was his precious gem.

Together, they fell in love

Unconditionally and passionately. 



The Task


With a few minutes of talking,

She was keen to know more.

Lots of questions, 

Getting intrigued,

Getting astonished,

She never knew he would be like this.


Might as well find a guy like him

Marry him, have kids,

Love endlessly and be happy.


Treat girls like a princess,

Who in the world wouldn't want that?

Exactly as expected,

He wouldn't leave her side.


The only task is to love,

And love without boundaries. 



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To That Night


I instantly remember
The time you held my hand,
The time you kept me warm.


The first time I felt alive,
Was because of you.
Strong feelings and emotions
Attract our bodies.


I wonder will we go back
To the night you made me like you again.
No promises, no assumptions.
I hope to see you again.



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Is this what people feel after series of fights?

Numb, tired of crying, doesn’t care anymore?

It can be his fault, it can be hers.

Once, twice or thrice did she forgive him.

But all he does is bring the argument up again.


“Tracie is a boy.” He said.

But dressed as a hot nerd student on Halloween.

Is it already time to say goodbye?

He says he keeps on hurting,

Which is nonsense because he’s a boy.

Boys are immature men,

So that’s probably why.



Night To Remember


It was their first time seeing each other, 

Things have gotten different. 

All she thinks about is that he's there,

Beside her, holding her and making her feel safe. 


Every girl would want to feel protected,

Feel like a princess, feel special;

And that's how she felt when she saw him.


She doesn't have much experience,

She tried to shrug it off.

He made her feel special, she felt it.

She wish the night never ended

For it was the best night of her life. 




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No matter how hard we try,

We would always end up with each other.

We may have all the ups and downs in the world,

But we know we’ll always have each other

For the rest of our lives.


Ever since I met you,

Things have been different for me.

I started getting attached,

Never knew we’d end up this way.

You are my brand of heroine,

The love of my life.

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Long Way To Go.

The connection was rough,

Big thoughts every night,

Tear drops every fight.

Is he worth it? Will it work out?

A lot of things running in her mind.

Second thoughts were being considered.


A year has passed and they’re still strong;

Thousand miles connection, is it successful?

One day they will hold each other,

Never wanting to let go.

No one knows what the future holds,

Live for the moment is what he said.

Trust and faith from one another

Can be a big improvement for their future’s sake.






This time it was her fault;

She regretted everything. 
He grew tired of her, she hid that sad face.
Things fell, hard.
This was her first heartbreak
A feeling she can't understand. 
That's that, nothing lasts forever
Unless you believe it will.  
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