You've fallen down
You have no crown
and no place to call home,
but maybe it will help to know
that you are not alone.

You told me once
you think you care
of others more than they,
to help friends through
when times get rough
and we have gone astray.

But let me tell you:
it's not true-
at least not of me.
I'm not one
of those who say
to let the helpless be.

So don't you worry-
just stay strong,
and know this, too, shall pass.
We go through times
when things get rough
and life looks overcast.

That's what you were;
at least, that's what we thought.
But now you've stumbled,
now we see-
invincible, you're not.

But take this help-
don't be too proud
to accept what you need.
For we've all been
in places where
we rely on others' deeds.

For you are awesome-
although you've lost your way.
For there's a sunrise
that will bring
another, brighter, day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a friend.

I did have this in there but I took it out because it seemed random and didn't really flow:
The weather today-
it was foggy this morn'-
Must feel but all too right.
And now the clouds
look shattered- but
Between them shines the night.

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You won't cry
cause you've always known
that in the end
you'd be alone

so many moments
went to waste
now someones gone
You can't replace

Pain: it drives stick
and it goes so fast
takes you where you hate
but this kind doesn't last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because some pain won't last forever.

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As the dreams roll on


Why do I think of you
wonder about you
force myself to imagine you

If I had it to do again
if I had the chance
to go back I never would've dreamed

the hell I go through
i put myself through this hell
to hell with it I am walking away

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BROKEN DREAMS (Alliteration/Rhyming Couplets)

~Broken Dreams~
(Alliteration/Rhyming Couplets)

Sharp light falls angrily,
baleful summer entombs bleakly,
As concrete vessel sighs completely,
and vibrant life crashes hypocritically

Uniform dreams craves caressingly,
tribal battle-axe stoops suggestively,
As vestigal coma crashes dazzlingly,
and a broken light languishes sleeplessly

Broken dreams shrieks caressingly,
gray coma nags uncomfortably;
As deliberate creationism dies expectantly,
and soundless enticement capitulates finally

As a drunken light sheds thinly
and broken dreams sighs sullenly!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Gone 11-21-08

No one knows.
No one cares.
She gets fucked over
More than once.
Will she learn?
Probably not.
Her life's the same.
And will always
be the same.
She's headed nowhere fast.
So fast she's only slippin
Deeper down.
Her pain.
Her loss.
She takes it out on
no one but herself.
Poor girl. Pity me.
Fuck it all.
I wanna die.
Fuck it,
I'm already DEAD!

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Push 11-07-08

Suffocation. cut off my airway to life.
fuck me over. spit me out.
Drown me in my own pits of hell.
cut my wrists slice my throat.
Gag me, strip me, leave me bare.
Share my deepest darkest secret to the rest.
I'm fucked up the way it is.
Why not push me farther?!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Gag me, strip me, leave me bare" fav line

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The Well


Somewhere in the deepest
Darkest parts of me
There resides a well
I tried to board it up so no one could see
All of my feelings, my eternal hell

Everything I feel becomes hidden there
Not to ever be felt again
Yet every time I think I’m fine
The trouble always does begin
And I find myself crossing a line

I have crossed many lines
Burnt so many bridges
So now I am lost in my own confusion
All in the maze of a heart within
That I know I am losing

Written on
July 4, 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem I had nearly lost, but I found n my old notebook, along with one other that I will post. This one was about my feelings and being lost in that well.

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Our Family, My family

Our family, My family

Our family, My family, so broken and divided are we
So caught up with anger amongts ourselves, so much we cannot see
So focused on bitter disputes and drawn out battle lines
Still trying to achieve victory against these unbreakable vines
Stuck in the murkey water trying to get free
Our family, my family so broken and divided are we...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you guys like it!

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Broken Inside

What happens, when a heart gets broken?
Does it still continue to beat?
Does it end the life of the one who is broken?
Will it ever be whole again?
Can it ever end?

My heart, has been broken once before
Suddenly, I feel a stabbing pain through my heart
I manage to turn around and I see you
Holding a dagger in my chest, twisting it,
With an evil smile on your once beautiful and longed-for face

What did I do to deserve this torture?
Is this revenge for being away so long?
Who knew you were so sadistic?
Why did it have to be me who fell in love with you?
Why did I ever have to meet you?

As I see your face, the emotions playing over it
And perhaps a tiny hint of Pain

When will this sorrow end?
Why do I have to be the victim here?
Or are you more so the victim?
Even more so than me?
My own true love murdered me tonight, How could that be?

As I think all these thoughts
My life flashing before my eyes
Pain washing over me
Enveloping me in an eternity of darkness
And yet it feels so right, to die by your hand

Death is not as bad as it seems
Do not fear it,
Embrace it
Live the life you were given to the fullest potential
You'll never make it out alive

Briefly, a light comes through my darkness
A memory of you
A happy memory
We were together
And happy

That was the day you promised me
But now, it is you who has made me feel so
Broken Inside
I still love you though

I feel my lids grow heavy
And suddenly there is a shuffling of feet
Beside my head
As I look up for what will be the last time,
Expecting your hate-filled eyes

I see a new face
A woman's
A moment it takes me to remember
Who she is
My mother

And hearts
Are fragile
Like glass, they can be shattered
Into millions of tiny fragments

Tears escape me
Finally I see the world end
And I drift
Into an eternity
Of darkness

original poem by: Katie Menzies

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