failed love

Sitting next to you



Sitting next to you

I feel like a fool

Thinking about the past

Even though it didn’t last

I told you how I felt

I wasn’t good enough

Trying to get over you

The pain just grew and grew

Then you come back, want to give this a try

So happy I could cry

Two days pass . . .

Somehow I knew it wouldn’t last

You tell me you’re sorry

Are you sorry?

This is the third time you’ve hurt me

What’s the matter, don’t believe me

I’m not surprised

Why did I look at you like you were some great prize?

You were like my drug

I wish I could have quit you

But still, I want to hit you

Crush you like the bug you are



I am who I am

Why can’t you understand?

I really liked you

Somehow I still do

Kind of thought you felt the same way too

All I wanted was to be with you


Sitting next to you

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Just a thought!

She claimed to be a hybrid

with alabaster skin and cheeky alure,

calling all hand maidens to render service.

She sits high on her throne

fanning herself,

awaiting a worthy Concubine

to unstich her corset,

releasing her small tufts

as incentive to ambush

her prey in this rehearsed

performance of seduction.

Her charms, unsucessful...

silent smerks, hidden giggles,

Another failed attempt of release,

She orders a bath drawn

to submerge herself and mask

the tears of rejection.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another Masquerade Tale of loneliness'

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Set up for failure

He provided the tools...

for my failure.

I went through every trial.

Lost my way once in a while.

Suppose what I really lost was his love.

He set the traps.

Wanting to remain miserable I guess.

Didn't really love me.

But I loved him.

From the deepest depths of my soul.

He just wouldn't come out into the open.

And let it show.

In a way that I could truly know.

So I just sat back and watched him go.

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