Maybe I'm tripping.
Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me..
But who am i kidding,
I'm falling apart and it couldn't be more obvious to see

Maybe i feel too hard for her.
Or maybe i just didn't play my cards right..
The way she took all my energy out of me got me feeling bare,
And i'm left with nothing but memories that are black and white.

Maybe i should just cry.
Or maybe i should just give up on love and throw the middle finger at Cupid..
But memories of how i used to lose myself between her thigh, got me on a leash and i'm still stuck on stupid.

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The Truth

This can’t go on
I can’t hold up
My everyday life is like
Emptying a cup
Always empty
Never filled
Always chasing
The new thrill

But you ask for verity
Here is the sound of truth:

I can’t go on
The phantom lives within
Two faces all the time
Lies only given
Praising you once
Then cursing the same
Both times I use
The power of Your name
Can’t cross this sea
There’s an ocean between us
That I just can’t sail
A battle within me
That I only fail
I can’t go on
I will explode
And brokenness is the aftermath
Brokenness is my aftermath

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Savoir Save Me!
Please don’t let me fall
Any more
Broken, dying on the floor
I need you God!
Keep me from killing myself!
It’s all my fault
Six years of death every day
My conscience is seared
Just to white wash my tomb
I forget how to feel
Are you still here?
This is all my fault
I’m the only one to blame
How do I get back in your arms again?
How can I be strength to another
When I am so weak?
How can I hold someone up
When I’m sliding
Help me…..

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I was broken from the start
when you carried me
cut me open
fixed me
Believed in me
then like the sad poor kid
I opened up
poored cement in my heart
Strung me from a tree
Shot words of hate into my vains
kept me alive
long enough to torment this soul
and left me to die
let the crows of hate
eat and feist on this tired
dead body

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Just idk ..

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Temporary Love

Wistful memories of you seep into my mind as the tones of this song enter my ears. Once we were the drums of love, strumming for what seemed would be an eternity.
How wicked that this fairytale we once had is ending, when I once thought you'd be my prince charming forever.
Every morning you were the first breath I took, the first thing I saw, the first though that came into my mind, yet as the love you've given me has slipped away so has my memory of you.
I was once your prized posession, and now I'm your ragged doll. I'm torn, broken, and used under your hands- unsure of what love even means anymore.
I was never given that fateful, coveted chance, and now not only is my heart gone, but yours is torn as well. How could you love her when you were supposed to love me? How can you love her when I was supposed to be eternity?
Now with each glance I throw your way, I must remind myself it's not genuine. We were supposed to be a family, but now it's just a lie. We were once collaborated, but you exiled me from your world to bloom into the party animal you were destined to become.
You're a lustful beast I pity, yet I stand here with you heart: it's broken yet pretty. Pretty because I hope that I might be able to repair it.
I want you, I need you. This is your final chance, yet you push me away without noticing what little time you have.
My soul is beaten and bruised, and although what everyone sees in me is strength and courage, I'm dying faster than ever with the pain you deliver.
And now I beg you as I end my plea: what will it be: her, or me? My love will be pure like a diamond in the rough, and this is your last change so the decision will be tough. Tough nonetheless, but I promise you it's yours. So choose my love or my freedom, because if not I will never return.

I am

The First One.

scared that’ll fall for you.
am scared to kiss you, cause am scared I might just miss you
am scared to hug you, feels harder to not hold you tighter
am scared to miss you, because it means I just might NEED YOU
am scared to laugh with you, feels like it won’t be just the two
am scared to cry for you, means I might just have TO lie to you
but what scares me the most, Is that am so scared to LOVE you
because if I do I might just close my eyes and just see US two
AND FORGET, forget, forget
THE reason for being so scared
forget, that I’ll just get HURT.

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Tell Hope

The First One.

How does one know when it’s right?
When winter finally changes to spring and the sun shines a little brighter
Or does the day just turn into night?
And one wonders can I ever go back to when it was lighter?
When do I let go?
Please, how do you know?
Tell me to let go of hope
Or do I keep fighting,
Fighting for what used to be?
I don’t know I really don’t, I wish one of these days I could just see
But I guess I’ll have to be patient with what my heart decides happens to me.

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Feedback is VERY welcomed.



My heart has been broken

You said you loved me

You said you would take care of me

You said you had my back

All lies

I trusted you

I had faith in you

I loved you

You broke me

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Without you love, Life isn't worth trying

My heart is able to like,
and it is able to adore.

But even with all its might,
It cannot love anymore.

For it was left, broken and shattered,
At the foot of your walls of pride,

I feel so crippled and battered,
For no matter how hard I have tried

I cannot give up on your love,
Though it brings more pain than joy.

Your walls of pride, I shall go above,
And though it is my heart you will destroy.

I will go up your walls of pride, climbing,
for without your love, life isn’t worth trying.

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haha, this is just straight up self-pity poetry. hope yall enjoy

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