Oh how I long for that morning,

Of bitter aftertaste and scowling eyes,

Empty promises and separate sheets,

Laid bare among that ripened taste,

Of fruit that juices fall,

Like lemons from adamantine times,


Love holds me captive again,

As I tremble,

With bittersweet longing.


sitting here by myself dont know where to look

sitting here wondering thoughts,no attention to read a book


sitting watch 4 walls closing in

wondering if i fall and bin


life passes me by 

as i sit here and slowly die


wondering if love will come again

been 3 years and still nothing


the only one who keeps me going is my son

who loves his life and cherishes every moment


alone with no companion

with no 



of what






Author's Notes/Comments: 

i missed be in a relationship , i am lonely.

If She Only Knew

If only she knew how I think often where she rests. Hoping she's always in great health and protected through this troublesome world.
If only she knew how I go from a frown to a smile with the sound of your voice. How I am always happy to hear her talk about anything that comes to mind.
If only she knew how I often have these uncontrollable feelings inside.
If only she knew how much I have developed to care for her because she accepted my request online. How I gotten to know more about her little each time we connect. How I wish I could see her one day in life.
If only she knew that I care for her because she's a life that is special. She has a spirit that makes her glow.
If only she knew how often I am sadden whenever we talk and she must go. How I speak of her beauty and courageous ways. How one woman could have this type of effect on a man a great distance away.
If only she knew that there are still good people in the world.
If only she knew that I would give up my world to live and learn from hers.
If only she knew I felt much better in life since I first gotten to know her.

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Drifting Sea

The sea erases you and me
The sand leaves no trace or memory
That we will ever see
But in my heart I know
Of what we were, and could ever be
Just turtles laying patiently waiting
For that surf to carry us across the velvet sea
To venture into the beautiful unknown
Feel the sun, see starry nights
For a moment let’s close our eyes
I feel your heart, your touch, and you feel mine
Our loves forever, we’re completely intertwined.

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Back To Us

I need a sign,
today, maybe tomorrow
and Ill be there
I know i ask too much
I just need your touch
I’m true to you, and it wont fade
not tonight, not in my reality
what more will a sign do for me
what more can i ask of it
Is there something left of us
tell me yes, and i will profess
my fate gloom’s upon it
but yet i seek it none the less
I discover a grey outlook changes nothing
no frown makes me need you less than before
I’m still here transfixed
I’ll die like those from before
hoping till the last moment
for something more


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be most welcome :)

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Love Broken

Love Broken

From the moment we spoke my guarded heart was broken

in a sense of relief not pain you broke down

every wall, barrier, thanks for releasing my soul

I was no longer a carrier

of pain that made me feel butterflies again

drifting through the air without a care you eased my soul

from the moment we connected my heart was directed to heal,

feel warmth again... perhaps love was to come but at this moment

the knot was laid along my shadow as a

protector yet, you were so gently kind

you brought me out of the darkness and quenched my light

to my surprise my soul took flight and you captured me

in a place where heaven and earth meet..again

from the moment we spoke my guarded heart was no longer broken

every wall, barrier, was gone thanks for releasing my soul.


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Burned Away

I close my eyes what do I see
Fire, burning away all my memories
Making tears spring to my eyes.
Hoping it was just dream

Only to open my eyes
See the remains
What is left?
Barely anything, but burnt wood
Of a house that meant everything

Where do we stand now?
With but the clothes on our backs
Maybe it was sign
But we barely got out alive

The memories have been consumed
By the hellish fire
I can still feel heat
As I stood there, there was no time to save,
It was all at loss,
I watched
Everything of mine getting burned away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My house caught on fire november 25, 2012. so yeah it wasnt to long ago.. im still dealing with all the motions.. but writing this poem has helped a little.. since me and my family really did lose everything.. were lucky we got out since it happened when we were all sleeping.. so this poem is very precious to me now... i hope everyone enjoys it...

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Maybe I'm tripping.
Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me..
But who am i kidding,
I'm falling apart and it couldn't be more obvious to see

Maybe i feel too hard for her.
Or maybe i just didn't play my cards right..
The way she took all my energy out of me got me feeling bare,
And i'm left with nothing but memories that are black and white.

Maybe i should just cry.
Or maybe i should just give up on love and throw the middle finger at Cupid..
But memories of how i used to lose myself between her thigh, got me on a leash and i'm still stuck on stupid.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The Truth

This can’t go on
I can’t hold up
My everyday life is like
Emptying a cup
Always empty
Never filled
Always chasing
The new thrill

But you ask for verity
Here is the sound of truth:

I can’t go on
The phantom lives within
Two faces all the time
Lies only given
Praising you once
Then cursing the same
Both times I use
The power of Your name
Can’t cross this sea
There’s an ocean between us
That I just can’t sail
A battle within me
That I only fail
I can’t go on
I will explode
And brokenness is the aftermath
Brokenness is my aftermath

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