Never knew grief
could bite so deep,
my son. Dark night
succeeds dull day,
images replay
in black and white,
through dawn hours
following night.


Words captured,
last ones, over
and over in my
tired mind, in order,
exchanges, mundane,
but special now,
being the last.


Never thought
the knife of grief
could thrust so hard,
between shoulder blades,
heart, lungs, throat tight
and seemingly slit,
words choke, unable
to say, fingers push
damp cheeks
of tears away.


Dark day succeeds
drugged up night,
dawn's light
puts nothing right.


Never knew death
could undo so well,
my son, knew nothing
of the end game
until you went.


Life is not forever
just a brief gift
or maybe lent.

Never knew grief
could could so undo.


Dream following
nightmare, looking
for you, my son, for you.

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