Desecrated Eyes

Your arms are burned,

You've touched the sacred life.

You sell and buy, priceless things,

You think you're trader, but you're thief.

You want everyone to believe,

That your money is that good,

That worthy and almighty.

Children see wars and corruption,

Just because of your greediness.

You desecrate untouchable,

You spoil the purest.

You lie and you'll die,

For each sin you've done,

For each life you've taken.

Your mask is growing too heavy

And the day you will fall,

Nobody will throw you a lifeline.

You will choke in your own mud,

Which you thought was a treasure.

You were deceived by yourself,

By your blindness and depravity.

At your funeral there would be tears,

Tears of a happiness, tears of relief...

That day world will be free,

That's why I will fight till I can,


Till I feel freedom running through my vein.

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