"Why isn’t my hair long enough?

Why isn’t it curly or straight? 


I wish my stomach was as flat as hers,

I wish my ass was as big as hers. 


My breasts aren’t that big,

But I wish they were.

At least so that they looked good in bras.

Mine don’t. 

That’s my flaw.


I want to have more than 20 likes on my pics on Instagram,

That girl has over 200.


On a picture of her feet.

At least 500 for her face.


We compare ourselves to others, 

Thinking that what we have isn’t good enough.

That what we have isn’t great.


We strive to be someone else, 

Be like someone else,

Instead of embracing who we are,

And just loving ourselves. 


Yeah we compare.

And on a regular basis. 


She’s prettier than I am,

Oh I wish I had her shape. 


Don’t sweat it baby girl,

Who she is matters not.


It’s OK to admire,

Just don’t believe that what you have is any less.


You’re beautiful, 

Believe that.”

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