I'll believe

Pain in the soul

I’ll believe

I’ll believe in love at first sight

If when we meet this feels right

I’ll believe in lies over truths

When pigs fly round the roofs

I’ll believe in your ideals

If you can see my soul is real

I’ll believe that he is better

When I can see his Varsity letter

I’ll believe in your love

If when I push you don’t shove

I’ll believe in your hate

When you can prove you know my fate

I’ll believe in your rules

Until I destroy them like a billion Joules

I’ll believe in your escape

When you accept my shape

I’ll believe in your smile

When a walk in the hall don’t feel like a mile

I’ll believe in this life

Until I take it with my knife

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a vent for my life right now.  Sorry if its hard to read, this is a font very close to my handwritting.

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Good read

Good read

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Thank you  

Thank you