Miracle Mermaid

                                                             Miracle Mermaid


Two little children sat on the grassy,muddy bank of a small downtown river gazing expectantly at the distant horizon. The spent the whole afternoon playing in the muddy grass strewn with wildflowers enjoying every moment.Their clothes were old and in tatters. Yet both were very very happy to be outdoors from their closeted orphanage.Slowly the sun descended and with a crimson glow soon set leaving the place bathed in soft twilight.

Their childish eyes could scarcely make out the grey shapes of the small trees and bushes. They laughed and giggled as they let their imaginations run wild in the dwindling semi darkness."Hey ! see that dwarfed witch lurking in the bushes! " said one. "yeas ! I saw it long back. Now the witch is flying across the sky on her broom" 

Under a starlit, moonless sky they sat serene and carefree. There was a splashing sound in the water. They could make out the shape of a mermaid standing waist deep in the sluggishly flowing river.It was a joyous sight to both.The mermaid stood only a meter away. "Why are you children here in the darkness?" quoth the pretty mermaid who resembled their great grandmother. "We are waiting for the sun to rise again" Hearing this the mermaid smiled and ducked into the water.

The two small innocent children waited and waited till they were very very sleepy.Only a couple of small sweet buns and some water for supper and they fell fast asleep on the moist,dewy , soft grass.

Chirping of sparrows and singing of unnamed birds woke them from sleep. The distant horizon was pink,yellow and crimson. They rubbed their eyes and gazed as the red sun plopped up from the river."I think we should go back to the orphanage now.We have spent a whole night out"

When they narrated their experience to the other small children they did not believe them. Month after month, year after year the two children grew up and travelled far and wide to seek their fortune.Both had learnt the knowledge of the world which does not believe in miracles. Whenever they are alone together they revel in their "mind's eye" their experience of long long ago.

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a.griffiths57's picture

  Enchanting story Bishu



Enchanting story Bishu and so eloquently written. A really good read and an enjoyable read, I like your tales very much.  You have presented this poem very well also.






bishu's picture

Thank you so so much for your kind comments Respected Mm Anita

Thank you so so much for your kind comments Respected Mm Anita Smile



sweetwater's picture

Have read as suggested, very

Have read as suggested, very nice, sadly though all a lot of us will have left is 'minds eye memories'  x

bishu's picture

Your read is my greatest reward Respected Dear Ms Sweetwater

Your read is my greatest reward Respected Dear Ms Sweetwater.Some "minds eye memories" are eternal never to fade or fray. We fall back on them whenever things turn gray.Laughing