alleged killing of bin laden

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The Navy Seals who allegedly killed Bin Laden (according to French intelligence he was near death in 2001 having dialysis.. the odds of his having survived that many years while on dialysis were slim) were themselves killed in a helicopter crash.

Bin Laden in hospital in 2001

A former Navy Seal who seems to love violence is Chris Heben, who makes the rounds justifying  assassinations by the Seals.  Heben wallows in descriptions of the alleged killing of Bin Laden, saying he was shot in the face, and claiming that 800 to 900 people are killed by Seals for every Seal who dies.  Mitt Romney's Clear Channel has been promoting the violence.

Forgery videos were foisted on the American people by the government and media for years.

It was not the Saudi socialist Bin Laden but the US government and Mossad which caused the bombing of the World Trade Center

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