I knocked
on Lydia's front door
and waited
the morning sun


was coming
into the Square
Lydia's old man
opened the door


and stared at me
with bloodshot eyes
what do you want?
he said


is Lydia
coming out?
I asked
who wants to know?


I do
wondered if she'd like
to see the trains


I said
why would she
want to see trains?
he said gruffly


she likes trains
I said
he looked beyond me
at the block of flats behind  


who said
she likes trains?
she did
I said


I work
with fecking trains
all day
she's never said


about trains before
he said
looking at me again
his eyes trying


to focus
we often
go see trains
I said


we went  to Waterloo
train station
the other week
he closed his eyes


his hairy chin
and breathed out
a beery flavour


he bellowed suddenly
I stepped off
the front door step


and stood
gaping at him
he called again


he opened his eyes
and stared at me
I detected life
behind the mask


Lydia came
to the door
and peeped under
her old man's arm


this kid wants to know
if you want go see
fecking trains
he said gently


his voice silky
do you?
she nodded her head


can I?
she asked
he looked at me
as if I’d just


stolen his wallet
he said
steam trains


I said
yes steam trains
she said
we like watching them


he raised his eyebrows
and looked down at her
under his arm
resting on the door jamb


ok ok
if you want go see trains
go see trains
he said


and wandered off
leaving Lydia and me
looking at each other


Waterloo again?
I asked
what about Victoria station?
she said


ok sure
I replied
and she turned


to go get
her shoes inside.

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