Hands Of Fate.




I'm sorry, I really do my best,

But it's simply not as easy, as you would

All suggest.

For when I type a sentance, and I

Try with all my might,

My fingers mostly choose the keys

That are not really right.

I think that I have hit the one

That I am aiming for

But when I look my fingers' pressed 

The key that sits next door.

I get so cross, I rant and rave

And wish they would behave.

For though I check, and double check

Before it goes 'to press'

To my dismay when on the web

It really looks a mess.

So now I must apologise

For any odd mistake.

It's isn't through a lack of care

Just the 'arthritic' hand of fate! 





























Author's Notes/Comments: 

The curse of hereditary Arthritis! In my family it begins about thirty, not helpful.

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