Everything Is Illuminated


My eyes are closed.


I am a bat,

guided by darkness.


I am a mole,

staying out of the sun.


I am a spirit

confined to the night.


I am a shadow,

mean nothing to anyone.


My eyes are closed.


I bump into walls,

take a picture

in my head

two colors, five, ten

what’s the difference?


Flurries of misunderstanding

I’m taken over

One lonely bat flaps its

Wings in my ears.


I am a creature of the black.

No matter what language you translate my eyes to,

I can’t see.

No matter whose wings live in my memories,

I can’t feel.

It doesn’t matter which words you speak,

or what world you control.

I am a knight of the night.


My eyes stay closed.


One day I wake up

Just another day

my eyes are swollen shut

with the weight of my fears.


But this world is different

I feel it,

I see it

in colors

Behind the abused lids of

my eyes.


No longer dreaming

in black and white,

I capture a sixth sense

in the mystery of my mind

A final sight.


I open

my eyes


everything is


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/15/14

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Beatnik1979's picture

sensory deprivation

I enjoyed this. Arthur Rimbaud said to really see, you must experience a derangement of the senses. I would agree with that on many levels, and i think that is what youve done here.....deranged the senses.  This is great poetry..

tallsquirrelgirl's picture

I appreciate

your comments and look forward to reading you in the future!

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

allets's picture

Dream State v Waking State


Sometimes I can't tell the difference either   :D. - allets -