Her eyes are her own language. 

beautiful and captivating. 

hypnotic by suprise. 

she says little becuase she talks with her soul. 

she shines bright and gives off much light

falling victem to her hypnotic gaze

she takes notice in my go with the flow ways. 

she is fire. I am water were opposites, yet we attract each other. 

a kiss. it took me by suprise. left me paralyzed. 

I can feel her in my heart. rearranging and cleaning out the webs and clutter

to make a fitting place for her to live. 

I am in awe. Not really sure where she came from. or why she is here. 

But I dont ever want her to leave. 

she is forever welcome to stay. 

I am falling in a love I can not explain. 

so graceful yet so fierce. 

wild by nature. I cannot believe her eyes flikr on me with her attentions. 

love is her intentions. I am really not ready for this. 

Its so beautiful it hurts. 

its so real. I cannot explain my words. she takes my breathe away. 

holding me as tight as she can. I am unsure why the universe put her in my hand. 

but I am greatful. so ever greatful. unconditional. forgiving. traditional. 

shes all I desire. and her body I admire. Her soul set me on fire. 

i am in love. its true. to be honest I am unsure what to do. 

lead the way. You are my sunshine and light up these days. 

I am in soul shock. a lovers rock. 

This. is. the. best. feeling. in. the. world. 

please dont stop. smother me with your love. 

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The Poet's End

Nice ending  ~Lady A~