empty space


Soft whispers,

loud and clear.

Not yet.


Sweet song,

hummed by you.

Don’t regret.


In my mind.

A small sound.

I look away.


No, no.

You misunderstand.

Please stay.


My mouth shut,

you listen.

Silent words.


I know.

Things change.

You are heard.


Just one thrill,

I relent.

Treasure a night.


You and me,

I whisper.

Till it’s light.


I’ll start,

you follow.

Set a pace.


A nothing room,

a something room…

empty space.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/12/14

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Cool Rhyming

"A nothing room/ a something room..." When I read lines like this I scream delightedly, THAT IS SOOOOOO GOOD! greatness is never the poem's fault, it is the writers.  :D ~A~