Not Worthy of Dirtying...


It was all right there...

A pen, a pad

and some empty air

waiting for something to birth.

But what I unearthed

was insufficient...


...not worthy of dirtying

the sheet.

Too bothered with worrying

if it was too proud

or too meek...


But since when was this pen

so apprehensive?

So worried with crafting

something so comprehensive

it strayed from its journey... jot nonsensical, senseless


so cruelly relentless

they scoffed at the thought

of being pensive

or introspective:

             endeavors better left

             for cleverer minds...


...So as if by design, they retreat

to quieter mutters

bundled in heaps at your side

that you can peruse,



at whim,

to remind me

I should've cried


             in silence...



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running_with_rabbits's picture

Oh God...

this hit me nice and hard like an unexpected reflection in a window you walk by, when you think to yourself, is that really I look like that? 

Much Love


Morningglory's picture

Oh, i like this one a lot!! 

Oh, i like this one a lot!! 

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