Ted Turner Turn Your Land Into A Nature Sanctuary


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Ted Turner, please consider turning your land into a nature sanctuary. End the hunting
 and the slaughterhouses.... and any timbering operations. Plant tens of millions of trees and irrigate them. 
Then you will truly be a conservationist helping reforest the planet and stabilize the weather.


Forbes writes that Ted Turner owns just shy of 3 Rhode Islands. He owns land in New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Monstana, New Mexico, and South Dakota.


Turner 'owns' 55,000 bison. He has 2 million acres and 15 ranches  in 7 states. He encourages the hunting of animals and suffocation of fishes. He is a billionaire with holdings of 2.2 billion.



Turner calls himself a conservationist, but no one involved in the slaughter of mass numbers of mammals is helping the planet. Sheep, cows, and bison destroy sapling trees preventing reforestation, creating drought. They create greenhouse gases.
A United Nationa environmental panel was given a Nobel Prize for its research on the butcher industries and their environmental destruction.

There were many protests from animal rights workers when in 2009 the Yellowstone national park moved 88 of the people's bison to Ted Turner's bison ranch.  Were they like all the others... killed?

He has often touted bison flesh, but lately cholesterol seems to be showing in his reddish complexion.

God turn Turner around.

When Jane Fonda wrote that she cries when she sees animals suffer, perhaps she was speaking of the slaughterhouses to which Ted Turner her exhusband sends bison or the animals he blasts away on his 'hunting preserve' in Florida.   In the following link, though, she describes his role in increasing her affection for prairie dogs.



US landholders

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I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself...

No, not Ted Turner!  Creator of Captain Planet!  Oh the irony is thick here...  Or is it more like poetic justice?  

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Thank you very much I decided

Thank you very much

I decided to make the title more positive... and focus on what he could do

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