Gas Leaks and Explosions .. 4 by Chevron, A 5th In Galveston, A 6th In Ohio


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Hundreds were arrested locking themselves onto
the White House fence to protest Canadian and US
billionaires' attempts to wreck fragile environment
systems with a pipeline from Canada to Texas
... to refine fracking and shale oil which would be
destined for Asia, a greasy plan already rejected by
Canadian voters.

Meanwhile oil company sponsored Ohio governor
John Kasich has failed to prevent an oil spill of 10,000
gallons from a Texas pipeline, oil which gushed
into a wetlands nature preserve in Ohio.

In Galveston's bay, 168,000 gallons spilled into the sea from a tanker crash.

After a Chevron explosion in Pembroke in the UK and one in Bakersfield
2 have occurred in Pennsylvania, one in Dunkard and one in Bobtown, satirized by Stephen Colbert, because a man died and Chevron's response was free pizza.

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